Members of the Canis lupus species, the dingo is a domestic dog that reverted to wild after thousands of years. Dingoes live largely independent from humans in the majority of their distribution area. The most common theory is that the dingo arrived in Australia about 4,000 years ago via Asian seafarers.

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Make one word out what letters n e w d o o r?

The answer: new door = one word.


Which is faster a dingo or kangaroo?

The kangaroo is faster for both short bursts and long-distance bounding. Because of its endurance and specially sprung hind legs, a healthy adult kangaroo can easily outrun a dingo over a long distance.

Rabbits and Hares

Do dingos and rabbits live together?

The dingo is a carnivore. It would eat an injured rabbit if hungry.


How much space does a dingo need?

7 feet


Can you eat dingoes?

Virtually any animal can be eaten. Dingo meat is certainly not a meat eaten today, however.


How are Australian dingo born?

They are born blind and death. They are very small and easy to be killed, but like they live in a den and there mother is there to protect it is very hard to steal one.Also they are born sandish color/white/redish. They are also very cute and that's pretty much it! ;)


Do dingoes have babies?

Of course. Dingoes are mammals, and all mammals reproduce (have babies).


Will toro dingo attachments fit ramrod taskmaster?

Yes, absolutely. The mounting plate for Toro Dingo, Ramrod Taskmaster, Finn Eagle and Boxer are the same. The hydraulics are also compatible, although there are some variations on the couplers: flush face, pioneer, etc. These can be swapped out.

Care of Rabbits

What is the average lifespan for a penguin?

The life span is about 20 to 25 years, but normally the lifespan is 15 to 20 years!

Wild Dogs

Do dingoes wild dogs migrate or hibernate?

migrate because Austrailia gets really really hot in summer so they migrate

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What is the average lifespan of a bird?


Muhammad Ali

Who is Ali Shafi?

Ali Shafi is one of the best soccer players ever! He used to be a famous soccer player in Egypt. He now is a succesfull business man at ESG inc! You would be Lucy to know him!

Ali Shafi is one of the most talented players in the Southern California Cricket Association. Some have called him the Michael Bevan of the SCCA league. having represented the Americas Under 21 team and the age of 19 he is a real talent in US cricket.

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How can you tell the difference between a 110cc and 49cc mini chopper if it isn't stamped?

The 110cc. engine will make the bike go about twice as fast as the 49cc. bike. If you can't figure that out than you shouldn't be riding a pocket bike Piston size. a 110cc will be massive vs. a 49cc. block sizes are also a good way to judge. Google it for actual sizes.

Rabbits and Hares

Is the rabbit an introduced species to Australia?

Answer rabbits are a menace in AustraliaYes it was introduced to Australia and has had a terrible effect on their landscape. The lack of natural predators allowed them to reproduce at an alarming rate which has harmed the pasture land for farming.
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What is the average lifespan of an owl?


Germany in WW2
Australia Travel

What is travel like for those who live in the outback?

The outback has poor roads that need high clearance, four-wheel drive cars, extra fuel and tires, and spare food before traveling.

Farmers and station owners (ranchers) who are fairly well-to-do usually own light airplanes that they can fly around the outback. There may be hundreds of kilometers between you and your neighbor.

There is also a highway that encircles the continent. Parts of this pass through the outback, along with several main highways through the central parts more usually associated with the outback. Truckers use these and pull several semi-trailers at once. They call these road trains. In parts of Queensland, the roads are only one lane wide, and cars and other vehicles must pull off for the road trains which can be unnerving and dangerous.

Most of the outback stations are unfenced because of their vast size, and cattle can stray onto the roads. Travel in the hours around sunset and sunrise, and also at night, can be hazardous due to kangaroos which come out at that time of day to feed and can hop in front of a vehicle from apparently nowhere.

Vehicles use two-way radios because of the isolation. There is little cell phone coverage in the outback. Mechanical and medical aid may be hundreds of kilomerers away. The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) has bases throughout the outback, and can quickly become airborne. Even so, in the event of an accident, they may not arrive for several hours depending where it occurs. The roadways are sometimes used as a runway for the RFDS planes.

Dont forget about the flies, they are relentless. Its easy to avoid the roos, and the road trains, the flies however....well just think of a national geographic scene where a kid has several flies in his eyes.
matter transporters

Shih Tzus

What is the average lifespan of a Shih Tzu?

they can live to be 10-16 years old.


Do dingoes eat monitor lizards?

Yes. Dingoes kill and eat deer, boar, monitor lizards, and carrion.

History of Australia
Indigenous Australians

What aboriginal problems are in Australia?

Unfortunately, many and varied. To begin with there are MAJOR health and education issues, that are recognised but not addressed. In Central Australia the average mortality rate is 43, a mortality ratethat dates back to 200 years ago. Chronic health problems including; alcohol abuse, drug use, malnutrition, descrimination, police brutality, rape, and assault are regular issues the average Aboriginal population face on a daily basis. Australia is one of the select few countries of having the most unfortunatereputation in the world as have very nearly commited genocide with particular tribes of the Australian Aboriginal population. Our current government the 'Liberal' party's head, Prime Minister John Howard has consistently denied an appeal from the Aboriginal people to recognise the struggles they faced during to and up to the 1970s of something known as 'THE STOLEN GENERATION'. This is where the children of Aboriginals where taken from their parents and forced to intergrate into "WHITE SOCIETY". This created numerous and long term problems for both the children and parents. A recent movie ' Rabbit Proof Fence' outlines some of these issues. Unfortunately the Aboriginal population still struggles with the multitude of mistreatment from their forced, superimoposed society of the Western ( particularly English ) Society.

Great Danes
Border Collies

Why does my youg dogs eat plaster of the wall?

i think this is because they are either bored which is pretty easy for them to be as there young and like to have attention every second of the day or they find it fun and maybe tasty dogs are weird like that my border collie ate the new plaster of our wall down the bottom but he was left at home for 4 hours when we had to go out. if you want this to stop try buying small bones and when you are not around to play give it to them to chew on they usually last for about 3 days and they are cheap.


What kills dingoes?

A gun.


What are the dingo's structural adaptations?

The color of their fur blends in with the environment

Saint Bernards

What is the average lifespan of a sparrow?

from what ive heard and read about sparrows, they live 5 years adverage in the wild and longer in captiveity, give or take


How do mammals feed their young?


Wild Dogs
Plural Nouns

Dingos what are they?

Wild dogs of Australia


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