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Which famous 1986 film was made in Australia?

Crocodile Dundee was released in 1986 and filmed mostly in Australia (and also in New York). That's probably the best known, but you can check out the link below for others.

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When is the movie LOL coming out in Australia?

On Wikipedia, it's saying that It will release the 17th May but I haven't seen anything about it.

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What does a kangaroo symbolize in aboriginal art?

A kangaroo in aborignal art symbolises just what it is - a kangaroo. A piece of aboriginal art containing a kangaroo will be about a hunting expedition or a story involving the kangaroo.

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Is chris Sebastian guy Sebastian brother?

Yes, he is Guy's younger brother.

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Who is Jenna McDougall's boyfriend from Tonight Alive?

She is now dating Whak (guitarist of Tonight Alive). Yesterday i saw them at Warped Tour hugging and kissing.

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What colour eyes does peter andre have?

he got brown eyes

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If you played in only two games do you lose a year of eligibility?

It depends on how many games in the season that your name was on the roster.

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Which day endhiran movie come to Australia?

some time this year

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Why is Albert Namatjira famous?

Albert Namatjira was an indigenous Australian (Aborigine) from Central Australia, who was famous nationally and internationally for his unique art. Namatjira's style was in European watercolours, and he was known for his unique desert landscapes, especially on the Western MacDonnell Ranges, with their striking detail and earthy colours.

Namatjira was also the first Australian Aborigine to be granted Australian citizenship in 1957, ten years before Australian citizenship was offered to all Aborigines. Interestingly, as an Australian Aborigine, he did not have the right to own land or to build a house until the law was changed. Also as an aboriginal citizen within a white society, his children remained wards of the state and if he wanted to build a house himself in Alice Springs they were not permnitted to stay with him,

Namatjira died in August 1959 of heart disease. His son Keith Namatjira also paints.

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What is closed form or open form in art work?

closed form A self-contained or explicitly limited form; having a resolved balance of tensions, a sense of calm completeness implying a totality within itself. open form A form whose contour is irregular or broken, having a sense of growth, change, or unresolved tension; form in a state of becoming.

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Has greg page and his fiance had their baby?

A daughter, Lara Brooke, was born in early October 2009.

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Where was Ava Gardner born?

Brogden, North Carolina. Grabtown is a nick-name given by the locals for Brogden.

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What are aboriginal clapsticks made out of?


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What is Nottingham famous for?

Nottingham is famous for Robin Hood and lace making
i hate to say it but all its famous for is robin hood and having the most knife crimes and gun crimes in englan and most teenage pregnancies in Europe

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What age was kylie minogue when she found out she had breast cancer?

When Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer on 17th May 2005 she was 36. It was 11 days before her 37th birthday.

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What style of hat does Ernie Dingo wear?

Akubra, ''Cattleman'',1998, which is a wide-brimmed hat commonly worn by farmers and other rural people in Australia. See the link below.

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What national park was crocodile Dundee filmed in?

Crocodile Dundee was partially filmed in Kakadu National Park.

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Is Tie me kangaroo down sport banned in Australia?

"Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" is a folk song, and was very popular in the 1970s. "Sport" does not refer to a type of sport, but is a colloquial term for one's friend, rather like the word "mate".

Thus, "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" is not banned, and it does not involve tying down kangaroos.

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Who won the 100000 prize on the US's Funniest Home Videos?

Jon Geehan and Todd Resig for their video that used a fake stuffed animal, some dental floss and roomates who did'nt know

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Who created Sir Les Patterson and Dame Edna Everage?

These two characters were created by Australian comedian Barry Humphries.

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Does dannii minogue have a tattoo?

She has two tattoos - one on her lower back and one on her toe.

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How many horses died during the filming of The Man from Snowy River?

There is much speculation on the internet of people claiming anywhere from 1 to 5 horses were killed during the filming of this movie. Yet, there is no evidence that any were killed. The horses in this movie were ridden by professionals or actors trained by professionals.

Also, during the credits of the film it states the assistance of not only "The Government of Victoria", but also "The Forest Commission of Victoria" which works for Forestry Regulation and Advisory or a Regulatory body for the purpose of providing continuous management of Victoria's wildlife and state forests.

I also find it hard to believe that a film that is written the protect the brumby (wild horse) herds of Australia would kill or allow horses to be killed. Also, if you know anything about horses, a horse will NEVER do anything it doesn't want to do. If that horse didn't want to go down the mountain it wouldn't. Also, the actor Tom Burlinson did ride the horse down the mountain, and through it did actually "win" the title "The Man from Snowy River" for doing the ride for the film. If the horse had died or fallen, then no doubt Tom Burlinson would have been killed or severely injured as well and he wasn't.

Lastly, one thing online I found was someone saying that if you look closely at the horse you can see the horse breathing when it's supposed to be "dead".

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List of actors with the initials or?

oliver reed

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In the movie Crocodile Dundee what is the song playing in the background at the party they go to?

'Live it Up' by Australian band, Mental as Anything.

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Who is Ernie Dingo's brothers and sisters?

Ernie dingo has 3 brothers and 5 sisters but i dont know there names because of your gayness radar. :D


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