What dogs are good for disc in Nintendogs?

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2010-02-28 19:14:14

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depends all of the breeds you have to train them to be good at throwing disc you can train them at the park make sure no other puppies are there

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2010-02-28 19:14:14
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Q: What dogs are good for disc in Nintendogs?
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When you breed the dogs in nintendogs dachshund and friends do the dogs get pregnant?

yes all the nintendogs games can get dogs pregnant!

What dogs are easiest to breed on Nintendogs?

You cant breed on Nintendogs

Can the dogs on Nintendogs have puppies?


Are there cheats to get more than 8 dogs on Nintendogs?

No, you can't get more than eight dogs in Nintendogs.

Breeds of dogs that are good for disc competitions in nintendogs lab and friends on ds?

Well I just got my game nintendogs labs & friends and I have a labrador (actually 2 dogs) and I say that you have to just go on walks to the park a lot and get the blue disk not the red and train them in an empty park first then after 1 time you can train in the house or with other dogs but it takes a long time for them to come back to you imediently

When can your cavailer have a puppy Nintendogs?

dogs don"t have puppies on nintendogs

How do you get your dogs smaller on Nintendogs?

there is no cheat or code to make your nintendogs small

How many dogs can you get in Nintendogs?

There is a total of 20 diffrent breeds on nintendogs. you can keep 5 dogs in the dog hotel, and 3 dogs at home.

On Nintendogs what contest is a min pin best at?

the disc competition

Will Nintendogs 2 even come out?

No I don't think so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ No. But they do come up with new nintendogs with more dogs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There will b a Nintendogs and Cats. There are new dogs and cats:)

Can Nintendogs go in heat?

No. Nintendogs are robots, not actual real-life dogs.

How many dogs can you get on Nintendogs?


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