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There are so many you just never know just make as many breeds as you can

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What breeds make a gummy dragon on Dragon City?

hyrbird dragon breed fluoracent dragon

Can a Chinese water dragon and neon tree dragon be housed together?

No, you shouldn't house different breeds of lizards together.

How to breed a moon dragon?

Plant + lightening which also breeds sun dragons

What are the cross breeds in DragonVale?

hybrids. breeding one dragon with another there are too many to say.

How old could a dragon live for?

Western breeds are estimated to have lifespans between 350-400 years, while Eastern breeds may live for up to 1000 years under ideal circumstances.

How long is it until your new bearded dragon eggs hatch?

A bearded dragon is not a species of the 8 main species of dragons but it might be a mix of breeds. I would guess about 6 days for it to hatch. Make sure to heat it at 65 degrees F. If you have any more dragon questions post it on my page! -Jaga5

Are there more dog breeds or cat breeds?

There are more dog breeds.

How many breeds of dragons were used in the first challenge in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

There were four different breeds of dragon.They were a Chinese Fireball (Viktor Krum), a Hungarian Horntail (Harry Potter), a Common Welsh Green (Cedric Diggory), and a Swedish Short-snout (Fleur Delacour).

How many breeds of Cats is there?

The International Cat Association recognizes 61 "Championship Breeds", 2 "Non-Champion Breeds" and 12 "Advanced New Breeds" or "Preliminary New Breeds".

Around how many breeds of horses are there?

There are around 180 breeds to 200 breeds of horses

What are all the dogs that are mixed-breeds?

There are many breeds of dogs. If you go to the Dog Breeds link below they have all the breeds listed A-Z with pictures and information on that particular breed of dog. They have pure bred and mixed breeds and hybrids.

How many breeds of aardvark are there?

There are many breeds

How many breeds of peackocks are there?

five breeds

How many breeds are on HorseIsle?

There are 100 breeds of horses on horse isle but more breeds get added.

How does a newt breed?

he breeds like an idiot he breeds like an idiot he breeds like an idiot

How many dog breeds and mixes are there?

it is believed to have 355 breeds of dog including mix breeds.

Horses how many breeds are there?

There are over 400 breeds of horses, this does not include crossbreds, or new breeds in the process of construction.

Can thoroughbreds outrun other breeds?

Yes !! Throughbreds are the fastest horse breeds in all of the horse breeds !!

How are new breeds of cats produced?

TO MAKE NEW BREEDS breed 2 different breeds together.

How many different breeds of hamster are there?

There are for normal breeds and to unlockable breeds. I'm sure theres more different breeds but i haven't got that far into the game but theres got to be more. Normal Breeds: Dwarf, Golden, Cambell, Roborovski. Unlockable Breeds: Tiger, Raccoon.

How many cat breeds are there including mixed breeds?

There are more than 41 different breeds notincluding mix breeds. As for mixed breeds, it is impossible to say how many mixed breeds there are as these are not regulated by any cat breeding body. There are easily hundreds of different breed mixes.

How many domestic rabbit breeds are there?

The US (ARBA) recognises 47 rabbit breeds, and the UK (BRC) recognises 80 rabbit breeds (including 10 different Rex breeds, and 9 different lop breeds).

How many breeds of bulldogs are there?

there are 14 breeds of bulldogs

Breeds of chicken?

There are over 150 breeds of chicken.

Number of cat breeds?

over 80 breeds

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