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The solid rocket boosters are jettisoned as their fuel runs out. Their fall is slowed by parachutes and they are later recovered and returned to the Kennedy Space Center for refurbishing and reuse on later missions.

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Q: What drops off and are parachuted into the ocean after the space shuttle takes off?
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When the space shuttle lands into the ocean what does it do before it lands?

The Space Shuttle doesn't land in the ocean it lands on a runaway.

What ocean was the challenger space shuttle found in?

Atlantic Ocean

When did space shuttles stop landing in the ocean?

The space shuttle has never landed in the ocean. The Apollo capsule used to land in the ocean. The last Apollo flight was in 1972. The first space shuttle flight was in 1981.

How does a space shuttle launch into outer space?

The space shuttle is launched into Outer Space by having it attached to the rocket that launches up as well as the space shuttle and gradually the rocket falls apart and lands in the Pacific ocean. It often lands there. The space shuttle then continues its mission alone.

How did Neil Armstrong land on earth?

He returned to Earth in a space capsule that parachuted into the ocean, the capsule was then quickly recovered by the US Navy.

When did the shuttle explode?

The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded over the Atlantic Ocean on January 28, 1986. All seven astronauts aboard the shuttle were killed.

Where was space shuttle Challenger launched?

The space shuttle Challenger launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. On its final launch, it was torn apart 73 seconds later over the Atlantic Ocean.

How is a Apollo landing different to a space shuttle landing?

The Apollo capsule landed by parachute in the ocean. The shuttle lands like an airplane.

What happened when the space shuttle exploded?

The pieces fell into the Altantic Ocean and some were recovered.

What space shuttle exploded on the 1986 and tell the date?

The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded on January 28,1986. It disintegrated over the Atlantic Ocean killing all seven Crew members.

What is the name of the american space shuttle that goes into orbit?

There were 5. Space Shuttle Columbia (destroyed in 2003), Space Shuttle Challenger (destroyed in 1886), Space Shuttle Discovery, Space Shuttle Atlantis, and Space Shuttle Endeavour.

What part of the shuttle drops off after takeoff on a space shuttle?

The Solid Rocket Booster is detached and dropped after the first minute or two of flight. It may then be recovered and used again.