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what drugs does phoenix TASC urine test test for

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Q: What drugs would show in a urine drug test?
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What drugs would show up as a benzo on a urine drug test?

Valium, xanx

What presciption drugs will show as opiates in a urine drug test?

All opiate drugs...

Will minax show up in a drug or urine test?

will minax show up in a urine test for alchohol and drugs

What prescription drugs will show as methamphetamine in a urine drug test?


I took a drug urine test at work what will tylenol4 and tramadol show on this urine test?

It will show codeine... and it will show that you abuse drugs.

Do drug tests show how much of a drug is in your urine?

Urine generally does not have the drug, itself, in it. Rather, urine contains certain chemicals that indicate that drugs are or have been in the bloodstream.

Does norco and lortab show up the same on a urine drug test?

Both Norco and Lortab are opioid drugs. If a urine drug test, tests for opioid drugs they will show up as the same thing.

Does a drug screen show levels of drugs in urine?

yes if your getting a drug screen it will show up everything and anything.

Do prescription drugs show up in drug tests?

Yes most prescription drugs appear in your urine

Does the drugs for a transplant show up on a drugs test?

Yes, it is possible for the immunosuppressant drugs to be found on a urine drug test.

What prescription drugs or drugs would cause a positive for alcohol in a urine drug test?

Alcohol cant show up in a drug test Alcohol without question will show up as ethanol in a urine test. Tho alcohol does not stay in your system usually less than 24 hours for a urine test.

Do urine drug screens show specific drugs used or categories like Opioid?

Yes they show the specefic drug used

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