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Barberton Greenstone Belt in eastern Africa is the oldest mountain range on Earth (3.5 billion years old) - this is evident if you understand the formation of the continents.

The Guiana Highlands in South America are thought to be the earth's oldest surface (2 billion years old): it includes a large mountain plateau.

Then there is the Medicine Mountain on Wyoming were they have dated rocks to 2-3 billion years ago.

However, on top of all this we have the 3.8 billion year old 25 mile long band of zircon crystal rocks embedded in the Isua crust in Greenland!

A lot of people in the USA. think that the Appalachians were among the oldest mountains formed. Although they are very impressive, stretching from the Eastern USA. to Canada, Labrador, Scotland and down to Morocco, they were formed only about 680 mya during the formation of Pangaea. But we now know that Pannotia preceded Pangaea and another super-continent called Rodinia formed 1,100 mya.

So if we have evidence of mountains at 3.8 bya, we must have had a land mass on Earth even way before then? This seems to contest the theory that the Earth was totally underwater until 3.8 bya, and that we still don't know?

Much research has been done in the St. Francois mountains of South East Missouri. They have been considered the oldest range by many geologist. Volcanic episodes created many unique, beautiful, and odd formations throughout this mountain range which is located within the Ozark Plateau. The Precambrian exposures of Pilot Knob are regularly studied by geologist from around the world. The draw to these exposure's seem to be that they are found only in two places around the world, at Pilot Knob Missouri in Iron County and in New Zealand. Elephant Rocks and Johnson Shut-ins are two more examples of strange and unique results of geological events. The area is rich in geological formations and is very secluded which makes this a favorite site of geologist, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

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There is a serious hypothesis that two planets collided and merged into current Earth and may explain the conflict in geological dating.
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The oldest mountain range on earth is the Appalachia range, which started forming 325 million years ago.

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the mid-ocean ridges

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Q: What earths features form the longest mountain ranges on earth?
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Ocean Ridge

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Mountains are not usually measured in length. Mountain ranges, however, are measured this way. You may be thinking of the Trans-Antarctic mountain range, which measures about 3,500 Km in length, and is one of the longest mountain ranges on earth.

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