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people eat a goose and dinosaurs alo eat goosies also if you drill a hole in your head you live shorter so dint do it

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What do goose eat?

a goose eats mainly grass

What does a snow goose eat?

A snow goose eats rootstocks and other grasses

What does the Bar-headed Goose eat?

The bar-headed goose eats wheat, rice, and barley.

What does the snow goose eat?

it eats seeds and marsh vegetation.

What eats the Hawaiian goose?

The Asian Mongoose, pigs and cats.

What eats blue spruce seedlings?

lol you do silly goose!

What animal eats a snow goose?

Snowy owls, I think? -Ralos

What animal eats a goose?


What eats goose eggs?

Foxes Coyotes Snakes Raccoons Dogs

What are some of the foods Harry Potter eats for breakfast?

Food you silly goose.

What does the blue-winged goose eat?

The blue-winged goose eats insects and small reptiles. They will also feed on grass and the green parts of various other plants.

What is the nene goose?

The Nene goose is Hawaii's state bird. It is endangered because lots of pests eat their eggs, and they eat the birds. But, its population is quickly growing. It eats bushes of flowers.

Food chain in the arctic tundra?

One example of a tundra food chain is grass is consumed by lemmings, which are eaten by Arctic fox. Another would be grass is eaten by caribou, and caribou are eaten by wolves. A third example could be Canada goose eats seeds, and an Arctic fox eats the goose.

Is a snow goose an omnivore carnivore or a herbivore?

yea its a omnivore because it doesn't eat anything that a human eats

How do you catch a goose?

You have to gain its trust by feeding it. Try cracked corn, this puts the gooses head down when it eats. As you get closer to it, tackle it (jump on it), control the wings and keeping them from flapping. The goose can and will hurt you with its powerful wings. If you hold the goose with its back on your chest, you can hold the wings down. Good luck!

What is female goose?

A female goose is a hen or a goose. A male goose is called a gander or a goose.

What eats a Canada goose?

Any predator that would eat birds. Including man. Canada geese are easy prey for most wildlife.

What happens when one private party is suing another?

goose goose goose goose

What is the name of the goose in mother goose?

Peggy Goose

What is the female of goose?

a female goose is called a "goose or a hen" a male goose is called a "gander"

Opposite gender of gander?

A gander is a male goose. The female goose is just called a goose.

What is the opposite gender of goose?

The gender specific noun for a male goose is gander.The gender specific noun for a female goose is goose.[goose=female, gander=male]

What is the feminine of goose?


How do you tell a male goose from a female goose?

Males have a goose sticks.

What geese are in Portugal?

There are a number of geese species that are found in Portugal. These include the bean goose, the pink-footed goose, the white-fronted goose, the greylag goose, the snow goose, as well as the Brent goose.