Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
Orcas (killer whales)

What eats a sea otter?


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Orcas (killer whales) eat sea otters.


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a sea otter swims around and eats fish and coral

Orcas (killer whales) eat the sea otter which is partly why they are an endangered species.

yes. with kelp the sea otter eats sea urchins, which harm the kelp and the kelp provides an anchor for the sea otter when it sleeps

One invertebrate sea creature that eats them is the Octopus. A mammalian creature that eats them is the Sea Otter.

a sea otter eats a clam shell by using its strong teeth and paws to pry it open

shark, orca (killer whale) =)

they eat octopuss,fish,squid,andshellfish.

sea otter eats urchin and seaweed, sea turtles eat algae and jellyfish

it eats till it is full, just like me!

sea urchins , shellfish and some other stuff but other than that idk!

it eats crabs, clams, and any other kind of tiny fish.

It crushes clams agnists rocks, and eats the inside.

A sea otter does not get energy directly from the sun the it gets energy from the plants it eats which obtain energy from the sun, so it depends on how you look at it. for the most part though , yes it does.

Abiotic Factor: The Sea Otter is carnivorous, so it eats mussels, etc. So, the organisms that are in a shell, the sea otter brings the shell to the surface and get a rock to crack the shell open. Obviously, the rock would be an abiotic factor. So the rock helps the otter survive by letting it eat (source of energy).

in 1832 the sea otter was discovered

orcas eat the marine otter

A Sea otter can grow up to 7ft!

Sea otter is a marine mammal.

A sea otter is a member of the Family Mustelidae.

The sea otter is a mammal and is a vertebrate.

a otter is an producer cause it helps the invierment

A female sea otter is referred to as a bitch. The male sea otter is known as a dog and the offspring of sea otters are called pups.

No, you cannot buy a sea otter, they are protected.

No, the sea otter is a mammal and all mammals are vertebrates.

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