What eats blue gill fish?


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what eats bluegill fish?

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No,don't keep a gold fish with a blue gill because the blue gill may harm or kill your gold fish.....:)

Depends on bow much it eats

blue it is blue because its name is blue gill .......awsome

All fish are cold blooded.

Sunfish,bass,crappy,blue gill...

Bluegills are members of the sunfish family.

Blue gill Brown trout Bull trout blow fish

Cat tails, blue gill fish, lady great blue herons and stuff like that

they eat small fish and people eats catfish

Baby blue gill look a lot like silver tadpoles from a distance, but up close, they look like tiny fish. you can also see a little blue color near the base of the tail. They are about an inch long or less.

Yes, bony fish do have gill covers.

don't you mean: what does the gill arch do in a fish?!

small fish and some sharks

fish tiny plants coral

blue whale eats whale is a mamal

The gill rakers on fish keep food particles from moving out from in between the gill arches. For filter feeding fish and some suspension feeding fish, the gill rakers function is to trap the food.

The Great Blue Herons eats small fish, such as shrimps and crabs

a gill cover is used to cover the gill on the fish

The Blue Heron eats fish and small creatures like frogs.

Other fish, birds sharks, and mammals eat blue angelfish

The blue heron is actually a carnivore. It eats fish.

Cat fish, stripper, larg mouth bass, small mouth bass, blue gill,

There are a few fish that have gills and are cold blooded. The cold blooded fish that have gills are tuna, catfish, bass and blue gill.

It is used to cover the gill on the fish.

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