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Birds and some anphibians.

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Do crickets have crickets or does katydids have crickets?

crickets have crickets and katydids have katydids

Are katydids venomous?

No. Katydids are not venomous.

Do katydids hibernate?

Yes, some katydids do hibernate, but not all.

Do katydids eat other katydids?

yes but only when there dead

Do katydids fly?

Katydids fly. But they will rather walk than fly.

What preys on katydids?

katydids are preyed on by multiple creatures... anteaters are 1 example.

What color are katydids?

Katydids are usually brown or green to blend with leaves, bushes, or trees but there are also pink katydids that blend with flowers, they are rare though.

Can katydids bite?


What do katydids drink?

Katydids Drink water Thorugh this Little Tube In Their Mouth. It Helps Them Suck It Up.

What is the scientific name of a katydids insect?

Katydids belong to the family Tettigoniidae. There are over 6400 species of katydid.

Are katydids nocturnal?


What are katydids?

a katydid is a bug

What is a katydids weight?


What are katydids enemies?


Are grasshoppers the same as katydids?


Where are katydids located?

Katydids can be anywhere except antarctica because they are small enough to maintain a steady body temperature.

Are katydids grasshoppers?

Katydids are more closely related to crickets than to grasshoppers. See Link.

What do katydids look like?


Why do katydids turn brown?

that is what you think .

How high can katydids jump?

about 1in

Do katydids sleep?

Katydids are capable of sleeping. They even hibernate when they are young. Mostly, they just eat and make their distinctive noises all night.

What colors are katydids?

they are green and can be blue or a tuquis

How long does katydids live for?

for a year or less.

What is the difference between grasshoppers and katydids?

your mother .

Are katydids poisonous?

No only the bigger ones

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