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What eats sponge?

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Small fish

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What eats sponge crabs?


What type of turtle eats sponge?

A Hawkbilled Sea Turtle eats sponges.

What eats a sponge coral reef?

my mom

Who eats the pie on the Sponge Bob episode dying for pie?

Spongebob eats the Pie.

What eats a sea sponge?

a hawsbill sea turtle

Why is a sponge classified as an animal?

because it breathes and eats

Is a sponge technically an animal?

I think it is since it eats and breathes.

Does a sponge undergo photosynthesis or cellular respiration?

no it eats cake

Who is kriss knight?

kriss knight is a singer who eats sponge bob in the morning, after he eats his crap! <3

What kind of creature eats a water sponge?

a dog can eat a water sponge if it wants to, i mean, look at what they eat anyway!

Why do scientists classify a sponge as a simple animal and not a plant?

It eats zxcv

Is the sponge a carnivore omnivore or a herbivore?

It is a detritivore! :) because it eats dead matter

How SpongeBob feeds?

he eats the algee from the water like any other sponge he can also reproduce by buddingi. He eats crabby patties!

Is a sponge a hetetotroph?

Yes, because it cannot create its own food substance. A sea sponge requires the ocean current to bring particles which it eats.

What is the niche of Purple Tube sponge?

The niche of the coral reef sponge is that it eats small organisms,and produces carbon dioxide for the fish to breathe.TayyD.

What animals live in the kelp forest and what layer?

Sponge bob squarepants eats kelp

What adaptations does a sponge have for feeding?

When the sponge starts to eat it engages in an act of breast feeding with itself,The sponges gender does not affect the way it eats xD jk i have no idea!

How do you care for a bugs?

Find out what it eats, make its home like its habitat, and give it a sponge to drink out of.

What do sponge eats?

they eat random sh** floating in the water such as microcopic organisms. they are filter feeders.

Eating sponge rollers?

A person that eats sponge rollers may have the eating disorder called pica. This is a condition in which people eat substances that lack nutrition, such as paint, clay, soil, and stones.

Why is a sponge considered a filter feeder?

because it takes in water through its pores, filters out any edible particles in it, then it eats the edible particles and expells the water through a chimney-like apparatus on the top of the sponge

What does a sea lemon eat?

Sea Lemons eat sponges with it's radula. It's favorite type of sponge to eat is the Breadcrumb Sponge. It also eats other Sea Lemons as well as other Nudibranchs.

What does a sponge and a jellyfish have in common?

They have a lot of basic stuff in common, like being made up of cells, being able to eat, do respiration, etc. I think your worksheet is looking for the highest level of commonality, probably that they are both (surprise!) animals! (A sea sponge is not a plant. A kitchen sponge is not the same thing as a sea sponge.) A sponge is the simplest of animals, but it was motile (it could move) (*when it was a baby sponge) and it's a heterotroph(it eats other living things).*They also both live in the sea!

What has the ocean done to protect Jellyfish?

== == NOTHING. a sponge that lives in a pineapple takes home and consumes them. haha dude thts hilarious. yes spongebob eats jellyfish. but after her eats the fish he throws it a patrick.

How does a yellow tube sponge eat?

it eats by absorbing nutrients..........mostly all sponges that live underwear eat that way. :D