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The Komodo Dragon is a large reptile, adults can reach 2-3 meters. The species is indigenous to the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores and Gili Motang in Indonesia. Inhabiting these islands the species are isolated from any potential predators that may kill and feed upon them. That is not to say nothing eats the Komodo Dragon. A dead one may be have its flesh consumed by a bird of prey.

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Adult Komodo dragons do not have any natural enemies, but they are cannibalistic and will raid unguarded Komodo dragon nests to eat the eggs and will eat hatchling and juvenile Komodos. One source estimates that 10% of the adult diet consists of juvenile Komodos. The hatchlings could be consumed by any predator, including their mother.
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What do komodo dragons eat?

Komodo dragons are carnivores, meaning they eat only meat. They stalk live prey, and they are also scavengers, feeding on carrion, or the carcasses of dead animals. They feed on a range of large animals, including monkeys, wild boar, deer, water buffalo, goats, snakes, livestock such as sheep and ca ( Full Answer )

What is a komodo dragon?

It's a type of very large, carnivorous lizard living on the KomodoIslands in (I believe) Indonesia. It's mildly venomous and has amouth designed to collect bacteria, so things that get bitten byone tend to die of disease and poison.

How are komodo dragons?

They are impressive animals but they need to be breeded somewhere else in the world in the wild or they will be forsaken

What does a komodo dragon do?

it restles for a mate, hunts when its hungry which it almost always hungry or it takes a stroll

Do people eat komodo dragons?

no. komodo dragons are hard to catch and they have a poisonous bite(their mouth is full of bacteria... about 10000000). They are large monitor lizards from the Indonesian islands of Flores. I don't know, people eat lots of different lizards (even with serious bites). I'm sure they are difficult to ( Full Answer )

Are komodo dragons actual dragons?

If you mean as a fire-breather, no: the Komodo dragon is just the world's largest lizard - specifically, a monitor lizard.

Does the komodo dragon eat its young?

Some of the large ones do, yes. The mother protects the eggs, butafter they are hatched, they are on their own. Some of the littleones roll around in fecal matter so that they don't smell likefood, which protects them from the larger dragons.

Do komodo dragons eat people?

Yes, they do actually, although it's very rare. But they will eat you if they get the chance to do it!

Do komodo dragons eat humans?

They'll eat a human baby if it's abandoned and lying around. If you're wounded and bleeding everywhere it'll smell you from a few miles off and come running. They're scavengers first, predators second. So techincally I suppose you could say they eat humans. On occasion.

Where do komodo dragons eat?

Komodo dragons eat wherever the carcass they are going to eat happens to be. They usually scavenge; in cases where they hunt, they bite the victim (usually a deer), and within a few days, bacteria from the lizard's saliva infect and kill the prey. The Komodo dragon then sniffs out the prey animal an ( Full Answer )

Do komodo dragons eat dead people?

yes they do they will eat pretty much anything how they kill people is they lick or ite them and wait for you to die and when you die they will rip your head off and then eat you

Could a komodo dragon eat a dinosaur?

Yes, A dinosaur has no protection from a komodos poison it hasn't yet developed immunities to illnesses like we have so it would be helpless. even a t-rex would die after a while even if it killed the komodo first. but that is unlikely as the komodo has excellent reflexes and is able to dodge a huge ( Full Answer )

What eats komodo dragon?

Crocodiles and tigers are possible predators. A python will kill asmall komodo dragon, but never a large adult.

Do komodo dragons eat other komodo dragons?

They actually can, but it really depends if they are SUPER hungry and they cannot find anything else, they can eat each other but it would be like they are now against their own kind 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1 until 1 is standing. OR THEY EAT BOO BOO HEHEHEHEHHEHEHHHEE

What do a komodo dragon eat?

Komodo dragons eat deer, wild pigs, domestic animals, dogs, tigers,buffalos, monitor lizards, pythons, and small crocodiles.

What do komodo dragons eat a lot?

A large portion of the diet of Komodo dragons is carrion. Their main prey animals are deer. Their overall diet consists of invertebrates, reptiles, birds and eggs, small mammals, deer, pigs, goats, horses (not native), monkeys, and water buffalo.

Why are komodo dragons called komodo dragons?

They primarily come from the Indonesian island of Komodo. They were seen as very large and scary lizards, so they were named dragons. The name has stuck, even though they are clearly nothing like mythical dragons.

Do komodo dragons eat bacon?

Komodo dragons do hunt and eat wild pigs. However, bacon is cured pork belly meat, so despite the fact that the Komodo dragon eats the pork belly, the meat is not cured and thus is not considered bacon.

Do komodo dragons eat goats?

Komodo dragons eat goats, and any type of mammal it encounters, both live and dead.

How much food do komodo dragons eat per day?

It has been said that KOMODO DRAGONS can eat up to 8 pounds(or more) of food a day and they will eat virtually any thing that moves. It also includes their own and carcasses. it has powerful jaws so that it can break whatever part of its food it bites instantly. the other name for the KOMODO DRAGON ( Full Answer )

What do komodo dragons and dragons have in common?

There are actually very few similarities between the komodo dragon and the fictitious creature known as a dragon. They both breathe using lungs, but the fictitious dragon breathes out fire whereas the komodo dragon breathes ordinary air. The komodo dragon has scaly skin, whereas a dragon is generall ( Full Answer )

Do Komodo dragons eat lions?

Komodo dragons do not ever encounter lions, because they live on only a few islands in Indonesia, whereas lions only live in Africa and a tiny part of western India. If they did encounter each other, a Komodo dragon may be able to bite a lion and kill it with infection, but the lion would kill the K ( Full Answer )

How does a komodo dragon eat food?

They eat their food by ripping the animal with their mouth holding it tightly in its mouth causing the animal to tare apart so the Komodo Dragons can eat it.

Does a komodo dragon eat anything that moves?

Yes. Komodo dragons are carnivores. Although they eat mostly dead animals they will also ambush live prey. When suitable prey arrives near a dragon's ambush site, it will suddenly charge at the animal and go for the underside or the throat . It is able to locate its prey using its keen sense of ( Full Answer )

What do baby komodo dragon eat?

well insects that's all as they grow gotta watch out they then on eat beef probally if you have this as a pet you will have to give him/her the whole thanksgiving turkey

Do lions eat komodo dragons?

no but lions are strongest big cat Lions and other big cats are not found where the Komodo dragon lives, and, the tiger, not the lion, is the strongest big cat.

What animal will eat a komodo dragon?

No animals eat Komodo dragons. However, Komodo dragons may eat each other if there is not enough food for them; but even this is very rare.

What is the biggest thing that a komodo dragon can eat?

I guess that the biggest thing that a komodo dragon can eat is humans or goats, zebras, horses, etc. They can eat almost any living thing that are near them. So, anything that is living better watch out! P.S. Komodo dragons don't usually eat humans, only if they're hungry enough. So don't make them ( Full Answer )

Can komodo dragons eat humans?

Yes. Komodo dragons have been known to stalk and attack humans, but they prefer prey such as monkeys, goats, water buffaloes and wild boars. They are scavengers, and have been known to dig up human remains.

Where did the komodo dragon live and what did it eat?

The komodo dragon is alive and well, although classified as vulnerable. It is not extinct. Komodo dragons are found on a small number of islands of central Indonesia, including Komodo, Rinca, Flores and Gili Motang. They are carnivorous lizards, feeding on live, large prey such as water buffalo, mo ( Full Answer )

When does the komodo dragon eat?

Komodo dragons are carnivores, meaning they eat only meat. They stalk live prey, and they are also scavengers, feeding on carrion, or the carcasses of dead animals. They feed on a range of large animals, including monkeys, wild boar, deer, water buffalo, goats, snakes, livestock such as sheep and ca ( Full Answer )

Do komodo dragons eat humanbiengs?

Not usually, but it has happened. Komodo dragons will eat any kind of animal, and they are scavengers, eating whatever they can catch, or whatever they come across.

Do komodo dragons eat tigers or wolves?

Komodo dragons never eat wolves, but they eat dogs all the time.Wolves don't live in Southeast Asia. Komodo dragons can eat tigerssince tigers live in Southeast Asia. A tiger can be killed by akomodo dragon from ambush.

Do bears eat komodo dragons?

Most bears do not live in habitats of the komodo dragon. Only thesun bear lives in southeast asia and india. However, sun bearsnever eat komodo dragons.

Do komodo dragons have dragons?

No, komodo dragons do not own pets. Especially no dragons. Dragonsare really hard pets and komodo dragons know. Yet they might berelated to the ancient stories about dragons...

What do komodo dragons eat the most?

Komodo dragons in the wild prey on deer, wild pigs, dogs, waterbuffalos, pythons, monitor lizards, and small crocodiles.

Where does komodo dragon?

The komodo dragon lives in the wild on the island of Komodo, Indonesia, and is found in zoos around the world.

What animals eat komodo dragon eggs?

Certain species of birds eat Komodo eggs as well as other Komodo Dragons. Snakes also eat the Dragons eggs as well.

What eats a komodo dragons?

Crocodiles will hunt komodo dragons if they are in water. Tigersand large pythons will kill them by ambush.

Can a komodo dragon eat a komodo dragon?

Yes. This has been known to happen frequently. Komodo dragons areat the top of their food chain, so there is nothing hunting THEM.The only thing that hunts them is each other, especially in the dryseason when food is scarce.

Do komodo dragons eat frogs?

They could eat frogs, are physically capable of eating frogs, butsince they are so large and require a larger source of food, theydon't eat frogs in the wild.