Turtles and Tortoises

What eats turtle grass?

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you do

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What does turtle grass eat?

Turtle grass eats CO2 and sunlight

What is a turtle that eats grass called?


What is in a snapping turtles food chain?

The snapping turtle eats a frog. Then a frog eats a grasshopper. Last the grasshopper eats the grass.

Do manatees eats seagrass?

Yes they do, they also eat water hyacinth, water lettuce and turtle grass.

What aimal eats turtle?

what animal eats turtle

What does a three toed boxing turtle eat?

it eats insects ofany kind,and may eat grass when its sick

What type of turtle eats sponge?

A Hawkbilled Sea Turtle eats sponges.

How goats eats grass?

It eats grass by grazing

What eats fungi and grass?

minge eats fungi and grass and eats spirdalite.

What eats a hawksbill sea turtle?

whats eats hawksbill turtle Type your answer here...

What does a grass turtle eat?

There is no animal or any living thing names grass turtle.

What does grass eats?

grass eats soil .....and well that's all

What eats any kind of turtle?

turtle food

Facts about the green sea turtle?

its come from a group called the bale it eats sea grass it is mostly found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

What eats red oats grass?

the red kangaroo eats red grass

What eats a green turtle?

Wigmonts eat the green turtle

Does a turtle eats a butterfly orchid?

An eastern mud turtle does.

Does a heron eat grass?

no a heron eats fish not grass you fool no a heron eats fish not grass you fool

Does anything eat a turtle?

I don't know everything that eats a turtle, but one animal that eats turtles is a crocodile.

What is an animal that eats animals that eats plants?

A lion eats a zebra, a zebra eats grass A shark eats fish that eats kelp People eat a cow a cow eats grass

What type of herbivore eats grass?

The Type of HERBIVORE That Eats Grass Is Cow's ,and Deer's

What eats an animal that eats grass?

humans....we eat cows and cows eat grass...

The cow eats grass is right sentences?

The cow eats grass is a correct sentence.

What eats an African that eats grass?

an African that eats africans

Is there anything that eats jellyfish?

The Leatherback Turtle eats jellyfish.

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