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Q: What ecosystem would mostly have pine and spruce trees?
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What are the two softwood trees?

Softwood trees are conifers, trees with needles. Spruce and Pine would be 2 softwood trees.

Most of CANADA is covered by which vegetation?

Boreal forest, which would be spruce and pine trees.

How would uncontrolled cutting of pine trees affect the Forrest ecosystem?

how would uncontrolled cutting of pine trees

Where would people mostly cut trees?

In a forest

Do evergreen forests have pine or spruce trees?

Pine and spruce are both evergreens, so the answer would be "either one", or "neither". An evergreen forest isn't classified as having one type of tree. Some of them even contain deciduous trees.

What would happen if plants and trees were destroyed in a environment?

it will change the ecosystem of that area

What would happen to the ecosystem if three toed sloths were extinct?

There would be fewer Cerecropia trees.

What is the role of the chimpanzee in the ecosystem?

The chimpanzees role in the ecosystem is to help spread the seeds of the fruits they eat. This allows the fruit trees to germinate in areas that the trees would not normally have access to otherwise.

What is the koalas importance to its ecosystem?

Well, they eat those gum trees so if they did not there would be too many gum trees!

What would happen to the organisms in an ecosystem if there were no sunlight?

everything that needs sunlight would die such as plants trees and with out the plants and trees we woud starve to death

What is an example of a biotic factor in a forest ecosystem?

All living organisms in an ecosystem are considered biotic factors. In a forest ecosystem, the most common example would be trees.

How would the loss of pandas affect the ecosystem?

there would probably be overgrown bamboo trees in the area it inhabits

How would loss of habitat affect the toucan?

less prey less trees (their ecosystem

What would a taiga biome look like in Minecraft?

The Taiga biome is a snowy, hilly terrain, filled with spruce trees.

Do forest have pine cones?

yes in fact cold climate forests do. you would findpine, fir, and , spruce trees in these areas

How would the extinction of koalas affect their ecosystem?

The extinction of koalas would have little, if any, effect on their ecosystem. If one is to be honest, the koala does not contribute in any significant way to its ecosystem. Extinction would not cause either an increase or decrease in the eucalyptus (or other) trees in the ecosystem.

What type of ecosystem does a moose live in?

Mostly mooses live in forests, that are really thick. You would mostly find them in Canada.

What might happen if all the trees in a forest ecosystem were cut down?

there actually be little to no trees and possibly we would all die

What type of trees would you mostly see in Lebanon?

If u go near the mountainous regions in Lebanon u mostly find cedar trees.

You are planting 12 oak trees 15 maple trees and 9 spruce trees in a park you want to plant equal group of trees without mixing types of trees what is the greatest number of trees planted per group?

The largest common divisor of 12, 15 and 9 is 3, so 3 would be the largest number of trees possible in each group, if all groups are to have the same number of trees. This would give: * 5 groups of Maples, * 4 groups of Oaks, and * 3 groups of Spruce. A total of 12 groups of trees.

Why would a beaver cut down a spruce tree?

beavers cut down trees to keep there teeth short and to make dams

Name non-deciduous trees genre?

Non-deciduous or coniferous trees are needle or cone-bearing trees, some of these would be:RedwoodDouglas FirAll Spruce treesAll Cedar treesQueensland KauriRimuLarchSquoiaYewHemlockJust to name a few.

Which organism would most likely be the main source of oxygen in a forest ecosystem?

oak trees

How many evergreen trees are there in South Dakota?

In the spring of 2002, conservation districts in South Dakota planted over 4 million trees. This shows why it would be difficult to give a specific answer stating how many evergreen trees are in South Dakota. Rather than number of trees, the amount of area where the trees are found is used to give an idea of how many trees there are. In South Dakota, the Ponderosa Pine is the dominant tree in the West River area, covering more than 1.3 million acres. Other evergreen trees found in South Dakota: Frasier Fir Rocky Mountain Douglas Fir White Fir European Larch Austrian Pine Eastern White Pine Scotch Pine Black Hills Spruce Colorado Blue Spruce Meyers Spruce Norway Spruce Serbian Spruce

Which of these is a coniferous Tree Maple Mahogany Palmor a Spruce?

Spruce would be the answer.