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What education and training is required to become a mangaka artist?


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July 23, 2010 4:12PM

The schools that teach mangaka, or anime, are in Japan.

You have to be confident to draw, no matter how good you can draw. Then I would have lessons or self teach myself how to draw human figures and etc; everything you have to be able to draw. But really, because you can draw manga doesn't mean you can always be a mangaka (a manga artist), because manga is part of Art. So I guess you have to study art and such in high school and in uni. I don't think there is a university for learning manga. (If there is, it would be very rare i think.) After uni I would have to FULLY confident in art AND manga. <----Yes, it's very painful. Just before entering uni, I would suggest that you should have your own style of manga and art. <--- Yep, that's the very important part. I believe choosing the best uni is the uni in Japan, becasue manga is originally from Japan. (meaning you will learn more.) So I am suggesting that learning Japanese will be important too. (By the way, just in case you're thinking to become a mangaka- it isn't easy.) Anyways, I hope this has helped you at least 5 percent. If you mean for a job then you go to any anime (manga in cartoon form)/manga companies such as Star Child (producers of FLCL and Evangelion). Most manga companies are located in the country of Japan it's self. It's just like getting any other job. Go up to the companies front door, knock twice and sign up for a job interview. Books about Manga

Christopher Hart has written some of various quality. Manga Techniques is good. Anime Web Turnpike, Anime News Network, and are informative websites. For historical perspective, look at Manga: 60 years of Japanese Comics by P Gravett.

== == Basically, if you like the Manga/Anime style, just study it and copy what you like. It's a good start, and even though it is cartoons, it can still teach you a lot about anatomy, even though it is quite exaggerated in some mangaka's styles (e.g. big heads, long legs...etc) Just as anything else, and any other kind of art, it takes practice and experience to draw well in this style. as with any type of drawing learn the basics first - probably the best book to learn how to draw is "drawing on the right side of the brain" - you wont be able to draw anything well until you can draw naturally which this book will teach you next is lots of practice - the more you draw the better you will be third dont just copy others work - learn to draw your own vision, what you feel - let your creativity out - that said, do study the work of others, specially techniques and design and layout, and pick out ideas you like to incorporate into your own work as with any art, composition and design is far more important than correct technique - many great artists have been awful draghtsman (drawers) but succeeded with solid composition and themes find others with a similar passion and share ideas and drawing time together
First, If you want to know how to draw it, you can takeon-line tutorials, teach yourself (Watch it a lot pay attn. to their traits read it research it, etc.) I taught myself. You can also take classes to learn. I'd say the most helpful thing would be Learn to use proportions. Also, to become a manga Ka is almost impossible. It takes years of work. You have to start out as professional level and you have thousand of other people in competition. Once you have written several comics of your own, you might feature it (hand print) at a convention. And then the only one way ticket is to enter a contest hosted by a manga publisher. (The hardest part is to get it published). The best way you can achieve this position is to start drawing comics in elementary school Being a manga author pays pretty low. you can't know if you will make it big like Shugo Chara! and Naruto or Bleach. And it takes an enormous amount of time. It's a hard Job
The other thing is you could take classes for classical cartoons and draw logos for companies or commercials but you must be very skilled to do this.