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The requirements for becoming a licensed cosmetologist vary from state to state in the US. Many states require a minimum of 1200 to 1500 contact hours in school, during which time you learn not only the actual procedures for a variety of services, but the theory and science behind them as well. You may also be required to complete a certain amount of each service before you can graduate. In addition to the contact hours and services required for licensing, you may also be required to pass a written and practical examination by the state's licensing board. The services you will learn can vary greatly from school to school, but each school will at the very least teach you what you need to know to obtain your license. Some of the things you will learn are hair cutting, coloring, styling, curling, chemical hair relaxing, manicures and pedicures. You may also learn braiding techniques, extension techniques and a number of other creative skills to enhance your skill as a hairdresser. You can find a Cosmetology program at either a specialized private beauty school such as Mitchell's or at your local community college or trade school. Cosmetology school is hard work and requires dedication, passion and organization, but if you can make it through, you're well on your way to a great career in cosmetology!

my wife is currently in school for cosmetology. there are schools all over for this. some universities also offer a cosmetology course which usually takes a year and you get an associates degree. at other technical colleges you can get the proper training, that also take a year, to take the boards in your state which gives you a license. In school you learn everything from haircuts, nail, hair styles, coloring, and other things. I would check the universityor college near you, or go onlineand look for Paul Mitchell schools which are eveywhere. you. it is a good trade to learn even if you do not make a career out of it.

To be a must have a lot of patience, you must be organized and must be able to concentrate through loud blow dryer noises. Theres plenty of great schools you can go to out there for it. And I hope this will work for u!!

yes you so have to go to college to be a cosmotologist

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Q: What education or training do you need to become a cosmetologist?
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