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What effect did slavery have on African people?

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A very negative effect. Slavery took away Africa's 'Future'. The young, healthy and strong. The most productive sector of African Society.

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What was the African-American slavery?

African American slavery was the exploitation of people from Africa by Europeans.

What is African retention?

its when people have lived in slavery.

What effect did the emancipation proclamation and the thriteenth amendemnt have on african americans?

it abolished slavery

Was there ever a time before slavery when white people didn't care about African Americans and what they did?

In the time before slavery, there were no African-Americans.

How was slavery back then?

slavery was horrible back then for millions and thousands of African American people.

Who introduced slavery to the africans?

The African people themselves practiced slavery, it was not introduced from outside.

Who were some people involved in slavery?

African Americans

What effect did Nat Turner's rebellion have on southerners and their opinion of freedom for African Americans?

to end slavery

Did African Kings sell their own people into slavery?

Yes they did.

Were African responsible for slavery of their people?

No African were not, even if people claimed they are, then what about what happened to those slaves when they arrived at the new worlds?

What people was freed from slavery during the civil war?

African Americans

Did any African people benefit from slavery?

The African slave owners benefited financially from slavery, as they made money selling slaves to European and American slave brokers.

What were some negative effects on African slavery?

The negative effects of African slavery ? - The abuse, rape and torture of other people, the kidnapping and uprooting of people from their families and native land, the total misery it caused millions.

What is the role of racism in slavery?

its exactly that. slavery is racist, getting African-American people to work for white people, being owned by white people..... that's racist!

Did African people have slavery?

Yes, they had white people such as Europeans and Americans as slaves. They also had donkeys.

How did slavery affect African culture?

Slavery is a horrible aspect in the African American culture. It affected the way people looked at them, how they saw themselves, and made them see what they have to overcome in life.

What was the effect of the American Revolution on slavery?

The American Revolution did not effect slavery. It was the Civil War that had the biggest effect on slavery in the US.

What were slave laws that in effect restored many of the restrictions of slavery to African Americans after the Civil War?

Black Codes

What is the summary of Africa by david diop?

It is the Struggle of the African people from the hands of slavery.

How did slavery effect the people in Ethiopia?

slavery in Ethiopia was really bad and not fair .it hurt me when i checked it out on Google .omg

How was African Americans forced into slavery?

They were not forced into slavery , because of the imperialism at the time Africa was taken over by many European countries & the people of Africa were forced into slavery by being sold . African Americans weren't the only slaves.

What type of people were taken for slavery?

The black African people were taken as slaves and shipped to the U.S.A as slaves.

What slavery is in Africa today?

African American slavery

What was African slavery like?

Hell. People had no rights, no liberties, were starved, beaten, and abused.

What was lincolns review on African Americans?

he belived in equalness of the people and too end slavery