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Q: What effect does lack of oxygen have on active transport?
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What prevents active transport taking place?

Believe it or not, cyanide kills us by inhibiting active transport, to such an extent that substances can no longer be transferred across cell membranes. This is one example of a substance that stops the process of active transport dead in its tracks.

What processes would be affected by lack of oxygen?

avtive transport

How does lack of oxygen effect the brain?

It dies.

How does the carbon footprint effect the environment?

through lack of oxygen

Why do the cells don't grow to enormous sizes?

Lack of active transport. Diffusion rates sets size limits.

Are there harmful effects to breathing in a bag?

lack of oxygen would be a harmful effect.

What is the cause and effect of muscle cells lack adequate oxygen?

Me too quero saber

What is lack of oxygen?

Medically, lack of oxygen is referred to as, "Hypoxia."

What effect does carbon have?

Carbon monoxide binds hemoglobin in blood more tightly than oxygen. This prevents oxygen from binding to blood cells and can cause death due to a lack of oxygen.

What is the ultimate electron acceptor in aerobic respiration?


When breathing stops from lack of oxygen is called what?

When breathing stops from lack of oxygen

How is carbon monoxide harmful?

Red blood cells normally transport oxygen through the bloodstream, releasing it to tissues that need it. However, carbon monxide bonds to the red blood cells much better than oxygen, and is not released once it combines with them. The red blood cells are unable to transport oxygen (they are already full of carbon monoxide), and you can become ill or die from lack of oxygen.