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Well, He was being over-medicated. It lead to blurred vision and made him not think right.

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What are the effects of night blindness?

not being able to drive

Why were the Jews not being treated fairly by Hitler?

They were being killed by the Germans

What effects came from Hitler being chosen for the Nazi party?


Who was adlolf Hitler?

Hitler was a a soldier in ww1 and hated the way his people were being treated so he started ww2 in 1939 and shot himself in 1945

What is blindness?

Blindness is the state or condition of being unable to see.

What could cause a cow to become randomly blind?

A serious infection of an eye disease like pink eye, cancer eye or even cataracts (that come with age) can cause blindness in a cow if not treated, or if caught and treated too late. Sometimes genetics can cause blindness too, or being kicked in the head by another cow.

What are the side effects for a dog after being treated for hookworms?

Other than the passing of live worms, none

What is an eye blindness?

Eye blindness is the state of being sightless in one or both eyes.

Did Hitler believe in being equal?

No, on the contrary, Hitler believed that human beings are unequal and should be treated very differently. Even among Germans the SS towered above the rest in his view.

Why did Hitler want to be a politician?

He originally did not want to be a politician, he had wanted to be a painter, but was rejected twice when applying to school. He had only decided on politics after being in the military. Also Hitler was deeply unsatisfied with how soldiers were treated in the war.

How were the Germans treated after world war 1?

Terribly. There were forced to sign a treaty that basically stated that the whole war was Germany's fault. They had to pay a lot of money to the European nations. When they surrendered, Hitler was in the hospital being treated for a gas attack. When he heard this, he became irate, and so began the rise of Hitler...

What is the primary cause of death of Pelicans?

Blindness due to diving for fish. Blindness cause them not being able to hunt for food

Why is color blindness considered succincter?

You see, you can say "color blindness" in just two words, as compared to "the disability of being unable to perceive the full range of color that the average human being perceives" which is 18 words. So color blindness is succincter.

How do you explain being treated in a dignified way?

"Explain being treated in a dignified way?"

Was Hitler persuasive?

Hitler was VERY persuasive. Hitler rose to power by being voted in.

Why and with what effects did Mussolini ally with Hitler?

The reasons for Mussolini allying with Hitler was that he could see that Hitler was going to start a war and probily take over the world and he did not want to miss out on the rewards of being on the winning side. The effects it had on Mussolini was that he was veiwed very highly around the world for re-stabilising the Italian govenment so allying with Hiler decreased his popularity with other world leaders

Did Hitler kill his parents?

Hitler did not kill his parents. Hhis dad died when he was 13 and his mom died of cancer when he was 18.His father Alois Hitler, died on January 3, 1903 from a pleural hemorrhage at the age of 65 years old.His mother Klara Hitler (nee: Polzl) died on December 21, 1907 while being treated for Breast Cancer.

What type of noun is blindness?

The noun 'blindness' is a common, uncountablenoun.The noun 'blindness' is a concrete noun as a word for the condition of being unable to see; a word for a physical condition.The noun 'blindness is an abstract noun as a word for a lack of perception, awareness, or judgment; a word for a concept.

How does blindness affect a person?

Being blind affects the person in their life.

Is it possible to be pregnant while being treated with PID?

It is possible to be pregnant while being treated with PID.

How long can tricamonasis stay in system after being treated?

after being treated for tricamonasis how long does it stays in your system

When did Germany invade Adolph Hitler?

Germany never invaded Hitler, Hitler was a human being, not a country.

How are the Jews being treated today?

They are being treated just as fairly as every on else is today in the United States.

Did Hitler burn Bibles?

It is possible but being that Hitler was originally Christian he may of had not.

What are the circumstances towards the impossibility of Rizal being the Father of Hitler?

hitler was mean