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There are a lot of folks walking around with a c-spine herniated nucleus pulposis (HNP) and don't know it until for some reason an MRI is ordered...!!

What would tell me to refer you to my boss (a neurosurgeon) would be an MRI that demosntrated moderate-severe compression of the spinal cord, that you have symptoms of upper extremety wasting/weakness of the muscles, inability to work with your arms above your head for any length of time AND abnormal nerve conduction studies (NCV's & EMG's) of the upper extremeties. A neurologist often could be the referring physician as well...

The key is an advanced degree of spinal cord compression AND those symptoms I mentioned above...

A neurosurgeon is the final authority as to whether you need surgery --or not...

2011-09-13 10:53:58
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Q: What effects do you get from moderate central canal stenosis due to a broad-based right paracentral 4mm disc protrusion at C5-6?
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What is a paracentral disc bulge?

what is 1 mild bilateral foraminal stenosis 2 Clinical correlation 3 moderate to severe bilateral

Moderate foraminal stenosis?

Moderate foraminal stenosis is the gradual constriction of the foraminal nerve passageways in the spinal column. Forminal stenosis occurs as we age and causes pain in the back at the sight of the compression.

What does left uncinate hypertrophy and grade 1 disc protrusion mean?

left uncinate hypertrophy and grade i disc protrusion mean spinal canal stenosis

What is Moderate degree of spinal stenosis?

Moderate spinal stenosis means that the narrowing of the spinal canal is narrowed to the degree that symptoms are always present. At the moderate stage symptoms include stiffness or numbness in the back or neck, persistent radiating pain, and some loss of flexibility.

What is mild to moderate left foraminal stenosis?

Moderate left foraminal stenosis is compression of the cervical spinal nerves that travel through a narrowing of the foramina. Causes of the narrowing include herniated disc material and bone spurs in the neck.

What is meant by moderate ap thecal sac stenosis of 6.4 mm?

It means moderate spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis (or narrowing) is a common condition that occurs when the small spinal canal, which contains the spinal cord, becomes compressed. This causes a 'pinching' of the spinal cord and/or nerve roots, which leads to pain, cramping, weakness or numbness.

At t12-l1 what is moderate right neural foraminal stenosis?

chronic lacunar infarct

What symptoms does Pulmonary stenosis produce?

In cases of mild or moderate stenosis, there are often no symptoms. With more severe obstruction, symptoms include a bluish skin tint and signs of heart failure

What are symptoms of Pulmonary valve stenosis?

In cases of mild or moderate stenosis, there are often no symptoms. With more severe obstruction, symptoms include a bluish skin tint and signs of heart failure

How should you punctuate this sentence The L4-5 level reveals changes of moderate facet arthropathy with again relative stenosis of the canal on the same basis?

The L4-5 level reveals changes of moderate facet arthropathy with again, relative stenosis of the canal on the same basis

Can this cause disability Moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis?

yes if spy nail card injurer or disability made

What is spinal stenois?

There is narrowing of the spinal canal in spinal stenosis. This happens due to swollen ligamentum flavum or due to protrusion of the intervertebral disc or some other reason.

What is a Prominent broad based posterior and lateral disc protrusion?

My husband just got his mri report, at c2-c3 minimal left foraminal, c3-c4-3mm posterior central protrusion,c4-c5-posterior annular bulging, c5-c6prominent posterior bulge/broad based protrusion causing right goraminal stenosis, c6-c7 small posterior protrusion.. He has sever pain in his left arm...what should we do..

What is C3-C4 moderate left foraminal stenosis present owing to disc bulging and uncovertebral spurring?

What are treatments for left foraminal stenosis at c3-4 primarily related to unconvertebral degenerate changes.

What is lumbar stenosis?

Lumbar stenosis (spinal stenosis) is a condition where either the spinal canal (central stenosis) or vertebral foramen (foraminal stenosis) becomes narrowed

What does mild to moderate uncal disc athrosis with posterior disc omplex causing mild spinal stenosis mean?

means your mildly to moderately messed up!

What is moderate central thecal sac effacement and mild bilateral foraminal stenosis?

At C2-3, a broad-based disk bulge. Spinal canal and formina are patent

Is mild to moderate cervical spondylosis something to worry about Also minor neural foraminal stenosis at C6C7 and C4C5 on the left I need help please?

Help please

Is lumbar spinal stenosis less severe than cervical spinal stenosis?

The difference between lumbar spinal stenosis and cervical spinal stenosis is mainly the location of the problem. however, between the two lumbar spinal stenosis is the more severe form of stenosis.

What is the opposite of stenosis?

insufficiency, as in the opposite of aortic stenosis is aortic insufficiency Actually stenosis is narrowing and therefore causes insufficiency. The opposite of stenosis would be dilation.

What is the medical terminology combining form meaning narrowing?

Stenosis means narrowing or stricture. Examples: spinal stenosis, coronary artery stenosis, ureteral stenosis.

What is Pulmonary valve stenosis also called?

Pulmonary valve stenosis is also called pulmonary stenosis

What does effacement of the left ventral thecal sac and possible minmal flattening of left central cervical spinal cord at c5-c6 Left framinal stenosis particularly proximal at this level mean?

Ventral means in front. Thecal sac means the sac that contain the spinal cord and cerebro spinal fluid. Effacement of the ventral thecal sac means pressure is upon the front of the sac (producing a flattening effect) most likely from a disc protrusion. Foramen means hole (where the nerve comes out of from the spinal cord). Stenosis means narrowing (usually from bony degeneration or disc herniation/protrusion/or bulge). Left foraminal stenosis means narrowing of the passageway where the nerve comes through.

What word means abnormal narrowing?


What is central spinal canal stenosis?

Central spinal canal stenosis is stenosis that occurs in the thoracic spine. Stenosis is similar to arthritis and is considered to be part of the aging process.