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Drinking to much alcohol or beer can change or affect you blood alcohol level immensely If you blood alcohol level is over .08 it is illegal to drive.

Things that affect BAC include the quantity of alcohol consumed, the length of time during which consumption occurs, the contents of the stomach, the gender, the weight, and the ratio of fat to non-fat in the body.

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Q: What effects your blood alcohol level?
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What is lethal blood alcohol level?

2.8 blood alcohol level in a female

Can medications increase blood alcohol level?

Can zolpidem elevate blood alcohol level

Can keppra affect your Blood Alcohol level?

No. Blood alcohol level is a measure of how much alcohol is in solution in the blood. It is possible to affect the rate of absorption, but not the level that is reached.

What is your bac level?

The BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level refers to the proportion of alcohol in the blood.

Blood Alcohol Level BAL is the ratio between the alcohol consumed and the blood in the body?

No. It is the level or percentage of alcohol in the bloodstream.

What is blood alcohol concentration or blood alcohol level?

the amount of alcohol in your blood at any given time.

What is blood alcohol concentration level?

It refers to the proportion of alcohol in the blood.

What does BAC or BAL stand for?

Blood Alcohol Content/ Blood Alcohol Level.

Is the blood alcohol level the same as breath alcohol level?

No. BAC can only be estimated with an alcohol breath tester. It can only be tested with a blood test.

What happens when the blood alcohol level reaches .500?


What is the legal blood alcohol level in Texas?

0.08 Blood Alcohol Content.

What are the tests used to determine your blood alcohol level?

Blood alcohol level is determined using blood, breath, urine, or saliva tests. Most law enforcement agencies use the breath testing method to determine blood alcohol level.

What items influence a person's blood alcohol level?

Basically, drinking alcohol influences a persons blood alcohol level. Also drinking water decreases it.

What else can cause blood alcohol level to change?


Could Saline through iv elevate blood alcohol level?

Saline solution cannot increase blood alcohol level.

Is the blood alchol level the same as breath alcohol level?

No. An alcohol breath test is only an estimate of the actual blood alcohol concentration, which can only be determined by drawing and analyzing a sample of blood.

What is meant by blood alcohol level?

Blood Alcohol Level is the measurement which is used to determine how much alcohol is in the blood. It is mainly denoted by a percentage of the alcohol per volume of the blood found in body. It is tested mainly for legal or medical reasons. It helps in knowing the person's level of intoxication by knowing how much alcohol a person has consumed.

What does 3mmol alcohol level convert to as blood alcohol number?

3 mmol alcohol level is equivalent to 0,018 % (volume).

What is the exact definition of DUI in terms of blood alcohol levels?

The blood alcohol level allowed by law varies depending where you are in the world. The highest blood alcohol level allowed is 0.08. If one is caught driving with a blood alcohol level higher than this, they could be charged for DUI or Driving Under the Influence.

Is .08 a high blood alcohol level?

.08 is the legal level for being intoxicated in some states. At this point, your blood alcohol level is starting to get high.

How much alcohol is a 0.9 blood alcohol level?

5cans of beer

Short term effects on blood vessels for drinking alcohol?

Alcohol acts as a vasodilator, increasing the diameter of blood vessels.

What are the effects of taking caffeine pills 'with' alcohol and Can this increase your blood alcohol level?

The previous answer was entirely incorrect. We apologize. Caffeine taken with alcohol will offset -- to a degree -- the tendency to become sleepy from the effects of the alcohol. The overall effect, for a short time, is to create a more awake drunk. Caffeine has no practical effect on the level of alcohol in the blood, and will not sober you up. It can, however, fool you into thinking you're more sober so that you do dumb things like try to drive home.

What is the blood alcohol level in WA?


What is the code for blood alcohol level?