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Some people are trying to blame the diminished size of the jungles on big business. The reality is, many of the natives of jungle lands are living longer now because of modern medicine. People from industrialized nations go to 3rd world nations and provide medicine and other resources which result in increased life span and decreased infant mortality. The result is an explosive population. Those people build homes by cutting down sections of the jungle. They provide for their families by turning jungle lands into pasture for cattle and fields for crops. While much of the popular media would attempt to convince you that big business is responsible for the loss of jungle lands, the reality is, most of it goes to the locals, who cut down the trees and sell the wood in the cities as firewood so that they can buy something they need. While big business is not DIRECTLY responsible for most of the loss of the jungle lands, it is responsible for increased life spans and population growth. We must learn that when we take our cures into the jungle, we have a responsibility to also take our population controls.

EDIT: This answer is ridiculous. The natives and population nearby would NEVER in history have been capable of cutting down the rainforest at the rate that is happening currently. A few trees a day, but with big business, suddenly a hundred trees are crashing to the ground day by day. Don't be a fool and claim that the small locals are starting up the engines on they VH3 Tree Tractors or crying with excitement when they vroom up the chainsaws... No it is 90% Big Business and greed that is killing innocent frogs, bugs and animals. They cut down trees and don't shed a tear when bears, frogs, insects and all the variety of animals suffer with the loss of their lives.

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Q: What efforts are being taken to preserve the rain forest?
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