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Q: What eggs does a blackfooted ferret eat?
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What does blackfooted ferret play?

my ferret, kooperton, who is a blackfooted ferret plays tag and hide and go seek, he also plays aattack the human, and pulls off my socks. Ferrets play a lot and play everything

What do ferrets eat naturaly?

Ferrets are carnivores so in the wild they eat meat but they have been bred to eat specially made ferret food. added : domestic ferrets, the ones you keep as pets, cannot and do not survive in the wild. They are 100% dependant on humans for food and shelter. There has never been, in recorded history, a case of a domestic ferret becoming feral. When a domestic ferret is "released" into the wild, it soon dies by predation, or starvation. The "wild" ferret is properly called the North American Blackfooted Ferret, and is highly endangered and protected. They were once thought to have become extinct, but have been reintroduced through a captive breeding and release program. It is illegal to own or bother a blackfooted ferret. In the wild, the blackfooted ferret eats mainly prairie dogs, (and then lives in their burrows)or any other animal it can overpower. Domestic ferrets, the ones kept as pets, should be fed a high protien diet of high quality meat-based cat food. They should NOT be fed dog food, as it does not contain enough nutrient for ferrets. Raw uncooked meats, such as beef, and chicken are also appreciated by domestic pet ferrets.

Can a girl ferret have babies without a boy ferret?

No. The sperm from the male ferret is required to fertilise the egg / eggs of the female ferret

Is a ferret a bird?

No, a ferret is not a bird. A ferret is a carnivorous animal which means they eat meat and eggs. Ferrets give birth to live you and feed them milk which makes them mammals. They are closely related to weasels, mink, ermine and martens.

Does a ferret eat rats?

If the ferret was introduced to rats as a food source then it will probably eat rat. However if the ferret was not given rat to eat as a youngster it probably will not eat rat.

Could a crow eat a baby ferret?

A crow could possibly eat a baby ferret

What happens when the black footed ferret population goes down?

They stir upp the ground and help grow fresh grass for the grazers if they die the heards leave and lion and crocodile have nothing to hunt for so then they die to so if the blackfooted ferret dies then 3 animals will die

Can ferrets eat Skittles?

NO! Do not give your ferret anything high in sugar as they can develop diabetes. They are carnivores and should eat meat, eggs and special ferret pet food. Fruit and vegetables should also be avoided as they are high in sugar and the ferret is unable to digest them. Eating fruit and vegetables may cause the ferret to have an upset stomach or in more severe cases intestinal blockages.

Can you feed eggs to your ferret?

Yes. Ferrets love eggs and they are a great source of protein.

Will a ferret eat a guineapig if in the same cage?

A ferret will almost certainly kill and eat a guinea pig if it had the chance.

Will a hawk eat a ferret?


Is a black footed ferret a strict predator or do they eat plants?

The black footed ferret is a carnivorous predator and does not eat plants.

What does it mean when your ferret doesn't eat?

When your ferret doesn't eat, it usually means they are sick, contact your veterinarian for further advice

What does a black footed ferret eat list?

Mainly prairie dogs, but will take any small rodent, birds eggs and nestlings, scorpions and spiders.

Can a ferret eat an owl?

C. It depends on their sizes if the owl is small and the ferret is big then it is possible but ussually i think the owl will eat the ferret. It depends on sizes, strenth and hungrynes! if its really hungry it will try to eat the owl!

How many eggs does a black footed ferret lay?

Ferrets are mammals and give live birth not eggs.

Would an eagle eat a ferret?


Do ferrets eat themselves when they have no mate?

Ferret do not eat themselves at all

Can a ferret eat meat?

Ferrets eat meat, that is their diet as they are carnivores.

Can ferrets eat dry dog food?

NO Your ferret will die it's DOG FOOD not ferret food

Is it illegal to eat a ferret?

no, if the ferret gives consent it is fair game. Tastes good with a little ketchup

Do penguins eat eggs?

No they do not eat eggs they eat fish and squid. But they don't eat eggs

What animal robs chicken eggs?

I think it is ferret, polecat,weasels and stoats

What does a polecat ferret eat?

The European polecat ferret eats meat, organs, bones, skin, feathers, and fur. Polecat ferrets mainly hunt voles, rabbits, and small rodents. They also feed on frogs, other amphibians, carrion and bird eggs.

Do ferret lay eggs?

Ferrets do not lay eggs because they are mammals. In captivity, the average number of babies is 8, but they can have 16.