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Hafnium is named after Hafnia, the Latin name for Copenhagen, where it was discovered.


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There is no European capital, but the element "Europium" is named after Europe.

no, but it is formed from elements. every element discovered is on the periodic table

Francuim was the most recently found natural element.... It was discovered in 1939

Long dashes in the Mendellev's periodic table represent the element which were not discovered yet and these elements were discovered later on.

The periodic table of elements is based on all the elements that have been discovered on earth.

Nitrogen is the seventh element on the periodic table. Its symbol is the capital letter N.

I think you mean "Who discovered the elementManganese?"Anyways, Manganese was discovered in 1774 by Johann Gahn.

If you are referring to capital "C", is starts for the element carbon.

Yes. The elements in the Periodic Table are the only elements that have been discovered. However, we are still discovering and synthesising more elements.

Hydrogen.The first discovered was probably lead or mercury, as they were known from ancient times.

The periodic table would be disturbed only if isotopes of a new element are discovered, because a periodic table is based on order of atomic number, not atomic mass. If new isotopes of a previously known element were discovered, the atomic mass shown in the periodic table might be changed, but this is very unlikely because the atomic masses shown in a periodic table are based on the naturally occurring distribution of isotopes, and any newly discovered isotopes would probably occur only in very small fractions of the total.

The latest confirmed element discovered was Livermorium, 116Lv, in 2000. Ununseptium is not officially credited as "discovered" by the IUPAC/IUPAP Joint Working Party, but it is the most recently synthesized element, made in 2010.

any of the elements who's existence we have proven is on the periodic table, if something isnt on the table it either hasn't been discovered, it isn't a pure element, or it doesn't exist

The periodic table is added to in a way so that the element on the bottom row and furthest to the right is the newest discovered element. Making the most recent element added a nice fat go look it up.

It can't. the properties of an element determine it's group placement, without knowledge of these properties (or, indeed, the element itself) it would be impossible to place an element in it's proper place on the periodic table.

112th element is at current Ununbium. This will change soon though the German scientists who discovered the element have been allowed time to give it a more "personal" name before it is officially added to the periodic table.

Because the element with atomic number is not yet discovered.

By 1869, a total of 63 elements had been discovered.

Impossible to know: gold or silver, mercury or copper, sulfur or carbon.

So far 117 different elements have been discovered or synthesized.

There was actually a group of people whe discovered the element. The list includes..... Stanley G. Thompson, Glenn T. Seaborg, Kenneth Street, Jr. and Albert Ghiorso.

YESIt is the 6'th element in the Periodic Table.

you will find almost everything about the element in the periodic table like its atomic mass and its atomic number, chemical affinity also its electronegative but you wont find when the element was discovered or weather it is found in free state or oxides in nature

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