What element present in copper?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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The answer is simply copper or Cu on the Periodic Table. Copper is a metal that is mined from the earth.

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Q: What element present in copper?
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What is the elements present of copper?

Copper is itself an element.

How do you know if it is an element?

Elements are present in the periodic table. For example Copper (Cu) is an element but copper sulphate CuSO4 is a compound.... Elements present in copper sulpahte are Copper (Cu),Sulphur (S) and Oxygen (O).

If a compound has ate in its name like copper sulphate what element will it present?


What elements are in copper carbide?

Copper carbide is a salt. As the element implies, the ions present are copper ions and carbide ions. Carbide ions are made of carbon atoms.

What is the number of electrons present in a neutral atom of each element 1 copper 2 chlorine?

Copper has 29 electrons.Chlorine has 17 electrons.

Is copper wire a element.?

Copper is an element

Is copper an compound or element?

Copper is a chemical element. It can be a compound but copper is usually known as a chemical element.

Is pure copper an element?

Yes, copper is an element.

What element does copper belong to?

Copper is an element in itself.

Is copper a molecule or an element?

copper is definite element

Is copper metal a mixture or an element?

Copper metal is an element.

Is molten copper a compound element or mixture?

Copper is an element.