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In many schools, people are judged by their outward appearence. Uniforms exclude that. Many people are against uniforms, but in my opinion, they can help, if used right.

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most elementary schools wear them because then all students do not have to show their wealth or how much of an income their parents get.

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Q: What elementary schools have uniforms?
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Do schools in killeen Texas where uniforms?

None oF the high schools do. Most middle schools do. Either most or all elementary schools do.

Are there any elementary schools in Colorado Springs that do not require uniforms to be worn?

Yes there is.

Do you where uniforms to James bowie elementary school?

do you have to wear uniforms in bowie elementary.

Is it legal to require a High School and Middle School to wear uniforms but allow Elementary students to opt out?

Schools and school districts have the discretion to require uniforms. It is not necessary that all schools in the area/district be required for some to be required.

Do kids wear uniforms to school in Taiwan?

yes they do. the dress code is held from elementary school to high school. however, some elementary schools have casual Wednesday or Friday.

Do studdents in Japan have to wear a uniform?

Well in most Elementary Schools Students wear normal clothes like shirts jeans etc... But it is also common to see them in uniforms Middle School and High Schools Students usually wear uniforms But it all depends on the school

Did French schools wear uniforms?

not usually, but some private schools do have uniforms

Why are uniforms compulsory at schools?

Uniforms are compulsory at schools in order to identify you if you are in that school.

Percent of Schools with uniforms?

what percentage of the united states schools want uniforms

Do Mexican children have to wear uniforms to school?

Yes they do, from elementary school through high school.

In France do children have uniforms to go to schools?

Not usually, but some private schools do have uniforms.

Are uniforms worn in Ireland schools?

Yes, uniforms are worn in many Irish schools.