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Hydrogen,Carbon,Iron, and Oxygen


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no, flour is not an elements.

Hydrogen, Carbon, Iron, and Oxygen

It's made of eggs and flour.

Add corn flour to plain flour to make cake flour. Abt 20%

"Does a mill make flour?" "A mill does make flour."

which is the best flour to make bread out of strong plain flour self rasing flour or plain flour

You can make them with what ever kind of flour you like - wholemeal wheat flour, rice flour, spelt flour, corn flour, oat flour, potato flour, the list is endless, its up to you.

AP Flour = All Purpose Flour = Plain Flour

I need two cups of bread flour. I have ap flour and cream of tartar though. How do I make bread flour from what I have?

They are mostly carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. But, depending on the substance that the flour is made from it will contain other elements. For example, wheat flour contains Ca, K, Mg, P, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, and the trace elements Mo, Cr, Ni and Se

No, flour and water do not make paint.

Flour is wheat. The grains are ground to make flour.

you cant find flour you have to make the flour.

there is lots of things you can make with flour you can make cake,muffins,bread,cupcakes and also some batters are made with flour!

There is no single list of elements found in all-purpose flour. However, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen are typically in it since it contains starch.

Bread flour is softer, and is only used to make bread. While regular flour is used to make anything.

you need all-purpose flour to make a cake. - not bread flour- that is only for bread!

Darling, you need flour to make pancakes. Honey, could you get me some wholemeal flour while you're at it? You need flour to make a dough.

When the grain is ready to harvest, farmers take the grain to a flour mill where the grain is grounded to make flour.

Cotton was used to make flour sacks.

stone bowl used to make flour

Yes, you can make it with self raising flour. If you don't have self raising flour plain flour is just as good.

There is no difference between "flour for making bread" and "flour to make bread." Both phrases refer to the same thing: bread flour.

I'm not sure, but I think wholemeal flour is the best flour to make the bread rise?

Flour is made from wheat. wheat can only grow in certain tempratures. the wheat is grinnded up to make flour ! in the olden days, the pounded up corn kernals to make flour. cool, huh?

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