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Q: What ells do roly poly bugs eat?
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Why are pill bugs nickname 'roly-poly'?

Pill bugs nickname is Roly Poly because they roll up into a ball to protect themselves.

Do roly poly bugs eat raisins?

i don't know, maybe.

Do roly poly bugs eat ants?

Roly poly bugs do not eat ants. These insects enjoy eating dead or rotting plants. Roly poly bugs can eat the roots of live plants. However, since these organisms are harder for them to chew and digest they can be seen eating the leaves and other foliage that has fallen off of these plants.

Can we eat roly poly's?

Birds eat them and other bugs. In many countries people eat bugs. There would be no harm in eating them.

What do roly poly bug eat?

roly-polys eat rotting bark and wood.

What do roly poly bugs eat?

they eat dead grass or decaying plants and animals and sometimes can eat living plants but there really hard for them to chew.

Where do roly poly bugs live?

Roly pollies mostly live underneath bricks, flower pots, leaves, mulch, and rocks. They like moist, damp areas and eat decaying vegetation.

What does a roly poly eat?

flowers they live on dirt and mulch

What eats a roly poly?

Birds of all varieties and other small animals eat roly-polies.

Can roly-poly be used in a sentence?

Yes, and it would be normally. ' The question's category by-line suggests "roly-poly" is an American colloquialism for the woodlouse, in which case, a sentence like, "There is a roly-poly ambling across the floor". ' In the UK, roly-poly is a somewhat archaic adjective for being overweight as a person or animal, and also the name of a pudding. So, perhaps, "You'll end up roly-poly if you eat too much roly-poly pudding!"

Do wood bugs eat plants?

Yes, wood bugs eat plants. The crustaceans in question also may be called isopods, pill bugs, or roly-poly bugs. They prey upon dead and decaying animals and plants as well as upon living plants.

What does a rolly polly do?

Roly poly bugs or pill bugs are actually crustaceans that like to eat moss and fungus. They donâ??t really do much except else except annoy gardeners.

Can sugar glides eat roly poly?

No, certain protein chains found in the "roly poly's" exoskeleton are slightly poisonous to mammals closely related to sugar gliders.

Do rollie pollies get along with ladybugs?

Lady bugs and roly poly do get along, and both are a wonderful addition to your garden. They help ward off unwanted pests and do not eat your plants.

How do you tack care of a roly poly?

I sometimes keep pill bugs as pets. They eat dead leaves and need some dirt to dig in. But DO NOT put them in a sunny place! They could burn! :-(

Do pill bugs eat grass?

Yes they do, Roly Polys eat plants like Leaves and grass.

What do roly poly's eat?

Roly Polies enjoy eating decomposing matter. This includes dying or dead leaves and fecal matter. They also enjoy some fresh fruits.

Can roly polys live in a glass jar with holes in the jar?

without peanut butter it can't live.

Does the roly poly good for compost?

Yes, because once they die a decomposer like a worm will eat it and turn it back into soil and the soil will have more nutrition in it.

What do roly-polys eat?

Roly-polies also known as pill bugs eat dried leaves, branches and bark. Pillbugs are known to live in damp and dark areas.

Do big roly polys eat little roly polys?

Nope, roly polies are herbivorous, feeding on rotting leaves and such. ^^

Is a roly poly harmful to flowers and plants?

yes,it consumes some of the roots of the plant rendering them useless, they also eat small leaves well flowers uuum im not sure about that.

What do roly pollies eat?

decaying plants

Do rolypolys eat other roly polys?


What do rolie polies eat?

roly polies eat dead plants