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That sounds like emotional manipulation. If it's not right, it's not right. By emotional, You mean LOVE ? I can only tell this: I love beer-sex-and bacon.Buy him a case,take him to bed,cook him breakfast? He'll love it!

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What to do if your partner or spouse is having an emotional affair?

You need to talk to them about what that emotional relationship means to them. Is it a crush? Because everyone gets those, even in a committed relationship. Is it something that is driving them away from you and closer to that person? If so, it needs to be addressed.... emotional relationships are a bigger deal than physical, if its my opinion.

What are causes of asthma?

asthma has many triggers or causes every person diagnosed wit asma has different triggers such as mold cockroaches and even season change you should know your personal triggers so you can be aware of them

What rational number is closer to but smaller than 2.05?

2.049though 2.0499 is closer and 2.04999 is closer still 2.049999 is even closer, and so on.

Would a girl be scared of you because she likes you?

Not specifically because she likes you, but perhaps even if she likes you.

What are some ways of releasing emotional fatigue?

A good nights sleep or even a nap if you can spare the time is the best healer of emotional fatigue. Exercise such as a bike ride; jogging; swimming or even fast walking can release emotional fatigue.

Does Justin bieber likes the name kate?

He Does but he likes caitlen even more

How can you get closer to a girl you like when she likes Anime and Manga?

I myself like anime and manga.If you like it to that helps. It gives you something to talk about and your both interested in the subject. If your not into it, ask her questions about it. Give her some attention time and get to know the things she likes and understand them better. She might be impressed or think its sweet you want to get to know what she likes. Give it a go.But i don't understand... would it be any harder to get closer to her if she did like anime?? it doesnt matter does it?? wouldn't it be like any other girl??Curious.Actually, if you and the girl likes anime and manga, you can get close to her by asking her about the manga she likes. Even though, you might want to try out reading the manga that she likes. In order to talk the same subject or even extend your conversation. But just to make sure, that you would not be saying the words opposite that what she had said. It might actually turn into much more worse. Even though, I am girl but I admit that girls might be petty at times(:

What are some possible triggers of childhood obesity?

The most common causes of childhood obesity are genetic factors, lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits or a combination of 2 or more of these triggers. Occasionally there will be a medical condition that causes obesity, but that is less likely than the other triggers or causes. Even more rare are the triggers of a trauma or other psychological cause.

What is the role of reason in one's emotions?

You can moderate your actions despite your emotional state. You can even affect your emotional state by using reason.

How do you know if your boyfriend is using you to get closer to your Bff which is his ex crush?

If he seems interested and keeps asking if you and your friend could hang out together then that means he likes your friend not you, what boyfriend would want to be with you AND your friend?? A real boyfriend that likes you would want to be alone with you, he wouldn't want to be with your friends or even his friends.

How do you know if a boy in 6th grade likes you or not?

They will talk to you, try to get near you, look at you, try to become friends, they may even go out with your friends to get closer to you. You can listen to their canversations when they dont know it and see if they are talkin bout you.

How would you know if a guy likes you even they have a girlfriend?

The standard signs: nervousness, increased activity or attention while you are around and talking to you more often than usual. It may just a friendly liking instead of an emotional one.

If a boy already has a girlfriend but he's likes you better?

If he likes you better, then why does he even have a girlfriend?

Is Germany closer to Argentina or to Spain?

Germany is closer to Spain. Germany is in Europe, as is Spain. The distances are not even close.

Which state is closer to Toronto Ontario Florida or California?

Florida is significantly closer. Even Miami is about 800 miles closer to Toronto than any place in California is.

Is 13 decimeters closest to 1 meter?

No. 11 decimetres = 1.1 metre is closer. And 1.01 m is closer still. 1.001 m is even closer and so on.

How do you know when girl likes you?

you can usually tell by her attitude and body language towards a male. if she is "smiley" torwards the male or giggles/laughs alot. another way to tell is how she touches the male and for how long she does so. 3 or more seconds and you can usually tell she likes you; or even how she puts herself out towards the male like hair flipping or even being closer than the usual "personal bubble".

What is the treatment for anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotional disorder, and when left unchecked, you can have serious problems. First off, please evaluate yourself in an honest manner to find your triggers and possibly even hash this out with a spouse or professional. Many doctors will prescribe different anti-depressant nerve medications to assist you with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What usually triggers the brake light on the dashboard even though the brake had just inspected?

Low fluid level.

How do you know if the guy likes you even though he has a girlfriend?

If he likes you, then he won't have the other girlfriend anymore.

Which number is close to -5 in the number line?

-5.1. Even closer is -5.01 and still closer is -5.000000001 and so on.

Why do you feel empty even when you overeat?

It is most likely an emotional emptiness you are feeling.

Can Emotional stress affect the digestive process even before you eat?


Emotional stress can affect the digestive process even before you eat?


If there is someone you hang out with you two are close but there is someone they like hanging out with more is that bad?

I would have to say no, having a close friend who likes hanging out with other people is not bad by any means! It is good to hear you call this person a close friend and if that friend has an even closer friend, that only means you have more opportunities to get to learn him/her in different and possibly better ways than the other person your friend likes hanging out with. Maybe ask your friend what places or events he/she hasn't been to and DO them so you can get even closer! For example, I had never been ice-skating in an outside rink, made a pillow&blanket fort, cooked a doughnut from scratch, taken a train downtown, etc. before this summer, and after doing those new things with my friend, I feel even closer and enjoy her presence even more :)

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