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Kerberos is the default protocol used by Window 2000/XP.

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What is the default encryption protocol that windows uses when sending an account name and password to a domain controller for validation?


What is default encryption protocol that windows uses when sending an account name and password to a domain controller or validation?

Kerberos is the default protocol used by Windows Vista/XP

What encryption protocol does Windows XP use when sending an account name and password to a domain controller for validation?

Windows 2000/XP uses Kerberos. A+ Guide to managing and maintaing you PC pg. 1035 Winddows xp used to authentication protocol to enctypt account name and password . the most popular protocols are Challenge handshake authentication protocol and kerberos is the default used by windows 2000/ xp . When the user login to the network the username and the password must passed over the network in order to be authenticated by the domain controller.

Instagram is sending my reset password to an old gmail?

Instagram is sending your reset password to an old gmail because that is the email that u used in setting up your instagram account.

What is the difference between HTTP and SMTP?

SMTP is push protocol, stateful protocol which is used for sending Mails from Client to Client or Server to Server. Generally SMTP uses the encryption method of 7bit or 8bit ISCII but HTTP dose not use that. HTTP is pull protocol which is preferred for sites demand and this is stateless protocol.

What happens if you do not know what your Password is on playstation network?

There is an option to reset your password, sending a new one to the email address registered to the account.

What is the protocol for specifically sending eMail?

SMTP Protocol

What are protocol is used for sending email?

Sending Email - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Receiving Email - Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Message Access protocol (IMAP)

Is PNI a scam?

People have been asked to send money for a password to some account that will give them free lottery tickets or winnings. Then after sending the money, they don't get the password.

What protocol is used for sending e mail?

SMTP - simple mail transfer protocol

How do you get your password back on Gmail?

If you typed in a backup email account, click on the "Can't access your account?" button and follow the instructions of most likely, checking your backup account and them sending you your password. If you don't have a backup email account, you follow the same steps as if you do but instead of checking your backup (because you don't have one) then you answer your security question and type in whatever you want your new password to be.

What is the name of the protocol of sending text messages?


Which protocol is standard for sending voice and video?


What is the protocol responsible for sending attachments with email?


What is the Definition of encryption according to cryptography?

Encryption is the process by which the plain text is converted to cipher text. it is done at the sender's end before sending the message.

Which transport protocol establishes a connection with the remote host before sending data?

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) establishes a connection with the remote host before sending data.

What protocol requires two computers to exchange control packets before sending date?

Connection-oriented protocol

How Can you Recover your Air G Password?

The better way would be creating a new account. Customers have the option to create up to 5 accounts per phone. Another way is sending a message to g password

Is sending an Email a function of the CPU?

No. It is a function of an application (SMTP is an e-mail sending protocol within these applications).

What happens to a deads person facebook account?

Unless you remove the account yourself(by just logging in with the person's password or sending an email to facebook including ID and evidence) it will stay online forever(a long time)

Why is it advisable that a network administrator use SSH instead of Telnet when managing switches?

Telnet doesn't use encryption techniques thus it would be sending all private data (such as administrator's login/password) in easy to intercept, insecure way.

What ports does the SMTP protocol use by default?

SMTP uses port number 465 by default. It stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is the protocol for sending emails in a network.

How do you retrieve a lost iTunes password?

Have u tried sending it to your email by clicking "Forgot Password?"

Which protocol is a standard method of sending voice and video across the Internet?


World of Warcraft is sending me mail about how I try to sell my account and change my password but I don't play?

Theres Hackers, so its probably not Blizzard. Usually they only mail once. Usually Hackers will do this to get your username and password. If You are trying to sell your account usually blizzard sends one mail and if you dont stop they will ban you.