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when coal burns the energy change is chemical -------------> electrical

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Q: What energy transfers happen when coal is turned in to electric?
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Battery energy is turned into electric energy and then turned into what kind of energy?

Mechanical energy

Describe the energy transfers that happen in a toaster?

to a toaster? first... electrical. when it is turned on, heat and light. then, when it is done, theres a ting sound right? and tht's sound energy

What is one way sunlight is changed into electric energy?

well, sunlight can be turned in to solar energy and that can be turned into electric.

What is electric energy changed into when a motor is turned on?

Mechanical energy.

What energy conversion occurs with an electric motor?

Electric energy is turned into mechanical (aka kinetic energy) AND HEAT

The thermal energy from many sources is turned into what kind of energy?

electric energy

What form of energy are represented by x when an electric fan is turned on?

what form of energy are represented by x when the electric fan turned on? it's heat to light

What type of energy is neculcear power turned into?

Heat then - into Electric energy

How is energy transformed when an electric fan is turned on?


Describe the way energy changes form when an electric light is turned on?

radiant energy

Do Gensets use mechanical power while running?

No. they use chemical energy, that gets turned into mechanical energy, that gets turned into electric energy.

Examples of energy transfer?

1. Ball Bouncing Bouncing a ball is movement which is kinetic energy. When the ball hits the ground there is "force" That pulls it back up… Which is called Potential energy. Kinetic>Potential 2. Door Bell A door bell is powered by Electricity and when you press it, it makes a loud noise. So that is Electric energy transferred into Sound energy. Electric>Sound 1. Electric outlet. An Electric outlet powered a lot of stuff in my House. One example I thought of was a lamp. The Electric goes in the light bulb in my lamp and then transfers into light energy Electric>Light energy 2. Windmill The windmill is powered by Wind energy… Which is then turned into Electric energy. Wind energy>Electric

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