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You can fit the remanufactured 18 liter Ford engine in the 1989 Tempo. You can also choose the 3.0 liter SHO engine that was found in the Escort at about the same time.Ê

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Q: What engine can fit into a 1989 Tempo?
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Can you drop any kind of Mustang engine into an 89 Tempo Or any other engine that would fit the car?

89 tempo engine will work

What is the recommended oil for your 1989 Ford Tempo?

10W30 in the engine.

What is the spark plug gap for a 1989 Ford Tempo?

According to one of Fords websites : For the 2.3 liter four cylinder engine in a 1989 Ford Tempo : ( the spark plugs are gapped at .054 inch )

Oil capacity of 1989 Ford Tempo?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : The 2.3 litre four cylinder engine in a 1989 Ford Tempo takes ( 5.0 US. quarts with engine oil filter change )

What is the firing order for a 1989 Ford Tempo 4 cylinder?

The firing order for a 1989 Ford Tempo 4 cylinder is 1 3 4 2. The engine size for that year in the 4 cylinder was 2.3 liters.

Do 14' Rims from a 1989 Ford Tempo fit on a 1998 Ford Escort?

yes and i have heard mustang rims will aswell but i know for sure tempo and escorts have the same lug pattern

Where is the thermostat on a 1989 Ford Tempo located?

where is the thermostat located on a 1989 ford tempo

Will any Chevy engine fit in to a 1989 jeep wrangler?

With enough time and money any engine would fit.

Will a 1994 Tempo automatic transmisiion from a 2.3 L engine fit on a 1995 Mystique with a 4 cylinder engine?

No, it's a completely different engine and transmission altogether.

Can you fit a supercharger on a 1989 1300cc mini engine?


Can a 1989 Corvette engine fit into a 1992 Camaro?


Will a 1993 Ford Cobra SVT engine fit in a 1994 Ford Tempo?

With enough time and money anything is possible.

Does a 350 Chevy engine fit into a 1989 Chevy Cheyenne?


Will a 2000 Corvette engine fit in a 1989 Corvette?

if you modify the frame it will

Will a 1992 ka24de 240sx engine fit in a 1989 240sx?


Will a balance damper from a 1989 305 engine fit in a 1987 305 engine?

yes the balance damper will be the same

Will a 1989 Nissan Pathfiner engine fit a 1990 Nissan Pathfiner?


Will a d16a1 Acura engine fit in a 1989 Honda Civic SI?

yes it will

Will a 5.4 lightning engine fit in a 1989 bronco?

Yes, with great modification

Will a 5.0 engine from 1989 Ford Mustang fit in a 1979 Ford Mustang LX V6 box?

yes, it will fit in

What is the biggest engine that will fit into an 1989 cavalier Z24?

You can fit 3.8 but the biggest but still a really easy swap is the 3.4

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Will a 1995 BMW 525i automatic transmission fit into a 1989 BMW 525i?

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yes but why?.......

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