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Transmission: 15W50

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Q: What engine oil should you use in your KTM 85 SX?
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What engine oil should you use for 2001 ktm 250 sx and how much?

KTM recommends Motorex Top Speed 4T 15W50 oil 0.7 L

What is the engine oil capacity on a 2010 ktm 250 xcfw?

The engine oil capacity for a 2010 KTM 250 XCF-W is 0.75L. It is also stated that the best oil to use for the 2010 KTM 250 XCF-W is the 10W-40 bike oil.

What engine oil do you use on a 2000 KTM 65SX?

Transmission oil Motorex, SAE 15W-50

What type of engine oil to use for a ktm 125?

depends what climate your running it at. 30:1

What oil should you use for your 08 KTM 450 SX?

KTM recommends 1.35 L of Motorex Power Synt 4T 10W50.

How much oil dose a ktm 85 take?

KTM recommends .5L of Motorex Top Speed 4T15W50 for its ktm 85. It is important to use the current type and weight of oil as well as the correct amount to keep the engine running properly.

What oil and how much should be use in a ktm exc 300?

ktm recommend you use a 10w30 oil for the 2 stroke and you will need 0.75 litres make sure you get all the old oil out though otherwise you will overfill it and that can be as bad as under filling it ..

Why should you use the correct oil in the engine?

Common sense. Use the incorrect oil and you will damage the engine.

What oil do you use in a Nissan largo?

You can use any SAE certified engine oil in your Nissan. The engine oil should be a 10W-30 weight engine oil.

What engine oil should you use in 4 cylinder engine?


Does the KTM X-BOW use a motorbike engine?

no it uses an Audi racing engine

How many quarts of oil does a KTM 520 use?

1250 CC's.

What kind of gas and oil would you use for an 03 ktm 50 junior dirt bike?

Supreme (or the highest grade) gas and (automotive) synthetic 5w 30 oil if you can't get to a bike shop. It's best to use ktm oil though. And if you're referring to two stroke oil, you can use basically any two stroke oil concentrate but again is best to use ktm oil

What engine oil should you use for Dodge Caliber?


What engine oil shoul you use for your 327ci 300hp 1966 corvette?

You should use 327ci 300hp 1966 Corvette engine oil ;)

Can you use 4-stroke oil in a 2-stroke engine?

It is possible to use 4-stroke oil in a 2-stroke engine in an emergency situation. You should not use this oil in the long term as it will damage the engine.

Can you use 10 w 40 engine oil instead of morocycle oil on a Yamaha ttr 125?

That is what you should use. I recommend you use synthetic oil in this air cooled engine.

05 ktm 250 sx 2 stroke what oil do you use?

the ratio is 50:1 on my ktm 125sx, for every gallon of gas you have, you need to use 2.56 oz of oil. i use Amsoil, its expensive, but its the best synthetic two stroke racing oil there is. the gas should be light pink if you mixed it correctly. hope this helps

What oil should you use in a flat tappet engine?

an oil that has a high zinc content

What kind of oil should you use in your 110cc quad?

4 stoke engine oil

What engine oil should you use for a 1997 ford escort?

The 97 Escort should have 5-30 oil.

Should a 3.0 diesel izusu trooper use oil?

Any internal combustion engine will use oil.

What kind of gear oil should be used in mini motorcycles?

For stroke engine bikes use the engine oil as gear oil. In case of a two stroke engine you can use regular 80 W / 90 gear oil.

What oil does the Vauxhall zafira use?

Depends on what engine is in this car. Use the 5W-40W grade fully synthetic engine oil. For gasoline engine check that the oil is A3 spec. For diesel engine, it should be B3 spec.

What kind of oil should you use in your 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass 350?

If the engine is original, use standard oil. If the engine is new or has had a full rebuild, using synthetic oil will result in a longer life for the engine.