What engines fit 78 El Camino?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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it should be any 4 bolt main small block, like a 305 350 383 400 327 you could even upgrade to a big block, but you may run into some trouble with engine mounts.

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Q: What engines fit 78 El Camino?
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What is factory rating for 78 400 El Camino?

The 400 wasn't available in the El Camino in '78.

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No, they will not interchange.

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Is 64 and 65 Chevelle frames and El Camino frames the only frames that will fit my 65 El Camino?

A standard Chevelle frame will not fit an El Camino as it was based on the station wagon frame

What doors will fit an 1981 El Camino?

Doors from a 1978-87 El Camino or GMC Caballero

Do door latches of a 66 El Camino fit a 64 El Camino?

Yes. They should bolt right in.

Will a 1979 El Camino frame fit a 1974 El Camino?

no because it poops butterflys and rainbows !:D

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You don't...