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Chevy El Camino is a 2-door utility car manufactured by General Motor’s Chevrolet in response to the success of its key competitor, Ford Ranchero. Although included in the Chevrolet vehicle category, the vehicle is classified as a truck in North America.

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Chevy El Camino

How do you install lower ball joints on a elcamino?

if they are original you will most likely have to pop the rivets off the bottom of the old if you use air hammer...may have to remove from car....other than that..should be pretty simple

The rivets are best drilled out instead of hammering and chiseling. If you distort the lower control arm, the repair gets pretty expensive. Drill them out with the smallest drill bit possible the will remove the center of the rivit. You will be installing the new ball joints with nuts and bolts and you don't want the holes too big.

Chevy El Camino

What is a 1985 ss El Camino worth?


Chevy El Camino
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How do you convert a 1978 El Camino into a 4 speed?

Assuming that you have an automatic transmission, this is a pretty involved process,so ask your self if it's worth the effort and expense.You need all the parts for a manual transmission swap. These would include, a manual transmission,a bell housing,a clutch and pressure plate,throwout bearing,another type flywheel,all related linkages,all related linkage and pedals for inside the car,another type of shifter,and possible driveshaft and crossmember change. It is possible,but not an easy option. .

See the garage-scene web site link to the right.

If it is an automatic 3 speed, it is probably a TH350 tranny. an overdrive tranny which is just about the same length and requires almost no modification is the TH200-4R. most of these trannys are a Buick, Olds, Pontiac bellhousing design but there are some that have a Chevy bellhousing too.


The 1984 elc had the option of the 200r4 4 speed, everything older does not. The 200r4 is great because of the multi-use housing. Because the subframe is shorter on everything older then a 1984, you have to get either the transmission mount, on the original cross member, cut and rewelded 6 inches + a little (or on the back side of it) to the rear. Or you can order a new (fabricated) Crossmember with a subframe extender @ $300. I don't know if this holds true for a V-6.

Chevy El Camino
Spanish to English

What does El Camino mean in spanish?

The translation of "El Camino" is "The Road".

Chevy El Camino

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1979 Chevy El Camino?

lets assume that this is a factory setup and no modifications have been made follow the fuel lines from the tank to eliminate these mods. look for steel lines running along the frame from the tank. look for line installed mods such as electric pumps and or filters. there were none of these from the factory however these need to be eliminated. the factory installed filter is at the carburator. where the steel line attaches to the carb un-screw the line there is a larger cannister on the rodchester carb here that also unscrews do this with a cold engine to avoid a fire. the spring loaded filter is directional and needs to be installed in the same direction

Oil and Oil Filters
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Chevy El Camino

Where is the oil dipstick located on an 89 Toyota Pickup 4x4 with a sealed powered platinum engine?


Or in the drivers seat.

Chevy El Camino

Do El Caminos look ugly?

No, they are the best of both worlds. Part car, and part truck.

Chevy El Camino

Find V I N number on 1972 El Camino?

It will be on the dash at the base of the windshield on the driver's side. It will also be on the driver's door.

Power Steering
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How do you adjust the belt tension for a power steering pump on a 1980 Chevy El Camino?

belt tension

To adjust the belt tension loosen the three bolts( two of them have adjusting slides) and take a pry bar and insert between the bracket and pump to tighten. bob leverette ashford, al.

bull crap their is none on the power steering pump their is just a tention pulley on the opposite side of the engine but it auto tightens

Heater Cores and Blower Fans
Chevy El Camino

How do you install a heater core on a 1986 El Camino?

The heater core is located inside the engine compartment on the passenger side at the firewall. Right on top of the cowl theres a plate that is screwed down. Remove screws and sealing rubber if it's in the way. lift off the plate. It may be glued down with some kind of sealant. You should see the whole heater core inside a kind of box. Disconnect hoses and pull it up from the top. All heater cores should be this easy.

Chevy El Camino

What are the dimensions of the body of a 1987 El Camino?

What are the dimension of a 1974 El Camino

Chevy El Camino

How much can you sell a restored 1980 El Camino for?

Go to and figure out the price.

Chevy El Camino

Did El Camino ss come out with a 305 in 1971?

SS engines that year were the 350 and 454.

Chevy El Camino

What was the first year of the Chevy elcamino made?

1959 was the first year of production.

Chevy El Camino

Where is the fuel pump on a EL Ford Fairmont?

the fuel filter is under the car just in front of the left hand side rear wheel the fuel filter is under the car just in front of the left hand side rear wheel

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What year did Chevy start making blue blocks for there 350?

Chevy went from Orange to Blue with the 1977 model year.

Chevy El Camino

What makes a 1972 Chevy SS El Camino a true SS?

What makes it a true SS is that it came from the factory as an SS. Beware of a clone. Many a standard El Camino has been turned into an SS and sold as a authentic one. The VIN # will tell you if this one is for real. The SS package was only available on the Custom Pickup and included a special instrumentation panel with a black steering wheel and column and an "SS" hub emblem. It also included 15x7 inch sport wheels, F60x15 white-lettered bias ply tires, a sports-type remote control outside body colored rearview mirror, power disc brakes, and high output battery. Interestingly, only the LS5 carried external engine ID; they carried "SS 454" badges. All others only said "SS." So beware of fakes.

Chevy El Camino

What is the bolt pattern for a 1976 El Camino?

4 3/4

Chevy El Camino

What is the firing order for a 1979 Chevy El Camino with a 231 Buick V6?

using number one plug as front drivers side my 6 cylinder firing order is 1, 6, 3, 5, 2, 4. My engine is out of a 69 Pontiac Sunbird but I believe it is the same as the Buick engine.

Spark Plugs and Wires
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Chevy El Camino

What is the spark plug gap on an Chevy 305?

0.035" ("35 mils") 0.889 mm

Chevy El Camino

What are the original 71 El Camino rear end specs?

1971 El Caminos came with a coil spring, 4 link, posi and non posi 12 bolt Spicer rearend. Standard gear ratio was 3.30 unless ordered with 4.11

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How much horse power would a 1964 327ci engine bored out 40 over push?

Depends on which 327 you started with. Chevy made many versions of the 327 in 1964 depending on which heads and what fuel system was used. 2 barrel, 4 barrel, or FI. The cylinder heads used on this engine (and some others of the era) were the 3782461X head with 1.94/1.50-inch valves. These heads had the commonly found double-hump shape on the end of the head. Beginning in '64 and through '68, cylinder heads with the double-hump shape also used 2.02-inch intake valves (aka fuelie heads). Castings with 2.02-inch intake valves were also used on the 365hp (Holley carburetion) and 375hp (Rochester fuel-injection) Corvette 327 engines. There were also heads with an upside down V in the 250 hp model. 327 engines ranged from 250 hp to 375 hp depending on heads and fuel supply.

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Is it possible to retrofit a headlight switch in a 1987 El Camino that will deliver a tone if the headlights are left on when you leave the vehicle turned off?

If your car has a negative door switch trigger for the interior lights (most do), then it is very easy. It does not involve replacing the lightswitch, however. Simply buy a 12V buzzer from your local electronics store, and connect the live wire (red) to the 12v feed to your instrument illumination, so that it is live no matter which beam of your headlights is active. Connect the Black wire of the buzzer to the earth wire of your interior light feed. Now if you have the lights on, and open a door, the buzzer will sound!! If your car has a 12v POSITIVE door trigger (rare), then this will not work, you will need to work it a different way using a relay.

Catalytic Converters
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If you remove all the pollution equipment pump cats will it improve performance on a 1984 El Camino 305?

"It does not improve performance, unless you replace them with competition performance Cats."

Your awnser was incorrect, even high end performance cats put drag on exhaust and incresse the backpressure removing them in general will improve performance and milage. However This is a federal offense to run without cats.

Most states will exampt any vehcial made befor 86 from testing, and wont give a rats ass about if you have cats or not if you have a antique vehcial tag issued by the DMV. If you live in CA your SOL those threehuggers are extream zealots when it comes to emission laws.

Spark Plugs and Wires
Chevy El Camino

What is the spark plug gap for 79 El Camino 350?



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