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What english words have no vowels?



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There is no true English "word" without a vowel, because besides the classic vowels A, E, I, O, U, the letter Y can be a vowel (and in diphthongs, W). Some utterances, such as grrr, pffft and zzz may be written without a vowel but they are not true words. The word crwth is sometimes found in English dictionaries, but it is a Welsh word using the Welsh alphabet, in which W may be the only vowel in a syllable.

Words with Y as a vowel include: gyp, cry, rhythm, syzygy

Words of Welsh origin (where the W is used instead of Y) include:

  • "crwth," which is a musical instrument
  • "cwm," which is a hollow in a mountain

Word forms without vowels:

  • Interjections (onomatopoeia), such as brr, hmm, psst, shh, tsk, and zzz.
  • The numerical term "nth" (an unspecified ordinal)
  • The slang word "pwn" (meaning and sometimes pronounced as "own," or as "pone," and referring to a position of dominance, control, or humiliation). The missing vowel is still pronounced in either case.
  • Acronyms and initialisms, such as DMV or BRB