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Q: What episode did stephanies friend gets beat up by his dad?
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What is the episode called when Sam gets mad at Carly' s new friend?

that episode is called" ireutine with missy"

What episode was when Finn tries to beat up puck?

Everytime Puck gets Finn's girlfriends pregnant.... JK, mostly at Sectionals. Last episode in season 1.

What episode do Barney and robin kiss at the hospital?

The leap, its the episode where Ted gets beat up by the goat, its also when barney and Robin, in a way, become friends with benefits

How do you beat the joker in Lego batman 2?

easy, you just punch him while your friend/ partner gets joybuzzed.

What episode does kagome gets hurt?

on episode 167 the last episode

Who gets shot in the next episode of degrassi?

jimmy gets shot and in episode of danger zone sppiner gets shot

What episode of ghost whisperer does melinda gets pregnant?

Melinda gets pregnant by a man not an episode

What is the episode of ncis when tony gets the plague?

SWAK is the episode.

What is the episode of Inuyasha where shippo gets challenged?

Episode 68.

What episode does Bridgette get voted off in total drama island and who gets off in episode 16?

== == She gets eliminated in Episode 17 "Hide and be Sneaky and in episode 16, Trent gets off ( i kno shocking ) that episode is very intersest of the clips i saw....

Who gets shot in the last episode of degrassi now or never?

Drew is not going to get shot. He gets beat up by a gang, But I've missed so much episodes, So i'm guessing he was shot...

What is the name of the episode of Simpsons where Homer gets a gun?

The Cartridge Family is the episode when Homer Simpson gets a handgun.

What episode in inuyasha when kagome gets shocked by kana?

In episode 42.

What episode of Spiral does Ayumu get slapped?

He gets slapped on episode 23!!

Which episode in inuyasha is it where kirara gets dressed up?

Episode 97 >.<

What episode in Dragon Ball Z does Goku gets his on fire?

you want to know what episode goku's butt gets but on fire? if so its episode 77 of dragonball

What episode is it when kagome gets sick?

its episode 89I'm pretty sure it's episode 89

Who gets voted off in episode twenty of total drama island?

izzy gets voted off in episode twenty.

What is the name of the episode from Hannah Montana when oliver gets diabities?

The episode where Oliver gets diabetes is called "No Sugar, Sugar."

What episode of naruto does Hinata gets kiddnapped and saved by Neji?

Hinata gets kidnapped in episode 37 of season 1.

What episode did gohan die?

It's the episode he gets absorbed by super buu

What episode of Code Lyoko is when the desert sector gets tilted?

episode 11

What is the episode of the Simpsons where Bart gets hit by a car?

The tenth episode of the second season "Bart Gets Hit by a Car" (imagine that)

How is Pip injured?

He gets beat

What is the name of the episode of degrassi called when jimmy gets shot?

The episode where Jimmy gets shot is "Time Stands Still part 2" in season 4, episode 4.08