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There was no Anime released for Kingdom Hearts, but as for in the games, he first appeared in Kingdom Hearts I.


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Sora comes in episode 57 of Naruto Shippuden.

episode 58 its really naruto shippuuden episode 58!

I think they did not have episode 4.

there are 3 episodes of aki-sora and a couple of ova's.

Episode 54 Of Naruto Shippuden Series Episode is called "nightmare"

They did meet in Shippuden episode 54. Since Sora was a filler character it is unlikely he will return.

Sora killed himself in the first Kingdom Hearts that came out.

Sora and Yuri kiss in episode 19 of Kaleido Star. Fans reacted positively to the shipping of these two characters due to a long-standing flirtatious relationship between them.

Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 38: A Very Digi-Christmas

Sora enters in Naruto Shippuden episode 57. You are welcomed to watch this 'full' video at NARUTOGET.COM It does not cost at all it is free for everyone.

Sora was fourteen at the start of Kingdom Hearts.

In both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 the first keyblade used by Sora is the Kingdom Key.

Sora and Riku both come from Destiny Islands; a small tropical island where the first game begins.

THE CORRECT ANSWER IS THAT SORA IS A SIMULATED JINHUURIKI. It said so in episode 68 of naruto shippuden. they harnessed some of the nine tale foxs chakra into him. it took 5 years to do so.

When he first met her in castle oblivion.

yes she loves him for instince Episode 05 - Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker - Devimon made Andromon evil and it attacks Sora by raising her in the air and threw her aside. Tai and Agumon tried to catch her. Episode 14 - Departure for a New Continent - Whamon swallows the digidestined and inside of it they are going fast to Whamon's stomach. Because everyone needs to hold on something, Sora is holding herself on Tai's waist Episode 16 - The Arrival of SkullGreymon - Tai wanted Greymon to evolve to the next level. He knew that if he is in danger, Greymon will reach the ultimate level. While two Greymon are fighting, Tai wants to run to them, so that the evil Greymon would notice him and attack him. In this case he would be in danger and he would succeeded his goal. Sora is the only one who tries to hold him back. Episode 19 - Prisoner of the Pyramid - One of the strongest Taiora episodes. Datamon kidnappes Sora and Tai tries to save her. The only thing between him and Sora is the firewall, that could kill him. So he is afraid to go through it and then he blames himself. He thinks this is all his fault and he even cries for Sora Episode 20 - The Earthquake of MetalGreymon - Tai is still concerned about Sora. He wants to save her immediately but others don't think this is a good plan. They find out where Datamon is keeping Sora and Biyomon and Tai goes there to save them. When he finds them, Datamon almost kills Sora by letting her fall in a deadly hole. But Tai saves her in the last second. He doesn't let her fall even when Datamon tries to split their hands apart. In the end, when Tai and MetalGreymon disappear, Sora is the only one who says: 'Come back!' Episode 22 - Forget About It! - After Tai disappeared in the real world Sora was the first who left the group to search Tai by herself. Episode 26 - Sora's Crest of Love - One of the strongest Taiora moments. Tai and the others find Sora and she tells them why she was hiding. It was because of herc rest, that she doesn't deserve (at least that is what she thinks). Tai tells her that that's the perfect crest for her because she always thinks on others first. In the English episode Tai said he could feel Sora's love shining through. Episode 29 - Return to Highton View Terrance - Mammothmon attacked Birdramon which was covering Sora and Tai. When it moved away, Tai was protecting Sora with his body. They were practicly holding each other Episode 35 - Flower Power - Sora was prepairing herself for training and Biyomon asked her why she must go to the soccer field. She said: 'I have soccer practice and besides Tai will be there, I have to talk to him about some things' (Japanese version)

There is no "Sora" in Sora no Otoshimono, it means Heaven's Lost Property.

In Japanese. Sora means "Sora". 'Sora' means 'sky.' As in, 'aoi ano sora,' or 'blue sky.'

Anti Sora is the dark part of Sora's heart, summoned by Riku in Neverland during the first Kingdom Hearts. This should not be confused with Anti-Form Sora, which is a special drive-form obtained almost at random when fighting heartless in Kingdom Hearts II.

Sora Inoue has written: 'Inoue Sora DX (Inoue Sora DX) (in Japanese)'

Sora hasn't kissed Kairi in any games yet, and he is not in love with Namine there for has never and will never kiss her.

Sora Jung goes by Kim Sora.

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