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Q: What episode will Shikamaru and Temari kiss?
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When does temari save Shikamaru?

temari saves shikamaru in episode 125 Konoha's allied village, the shinobi of the sand

Do shikamaru and temari kiss?


Does Shikamaru and Temari kiss?

Of course not! They are not even together! Shikamaru doesn't like Temari and Temari doesn't like Shikamaru!

What episode of naruto is Shikamaru temari's escort in the hidden leaf village?

First shippuden episode

Does Shikamaru kiss Temari in Naruto Shippuden?

That'll never happen. Honestly, since Shikamaru is so close to Naruto that if Naruto doesn't step up and confess or, at least kiss Hinata; Shikamaru will never get the courage or the cohones to bust a move on Temari. Its up to Naruto, it always is.

Does Shikamaru kiss in an episode?


Will Shikamaru end up with temari?

no, shikamaru wont end up with temari cause shikamaru will end up with ino

If Shikamaru ends up with Temari who will be with Ino?

Shikamaru wont end up with Temari but if ever Ino will be with Sai BUT AGAIN Shikamaru wont end up with Temari 'cause Shikamaru would end up with Ino

What episode does shikamaru fight temari?

It's already out but it came out on the internet on Nov. 5, 2009 thur.

How did Shikamaru defeated Tayuya?

technically Shikamaru didn't defeat Tayuya, Temari did. after Shikamaru and Tayuya fight for awhile Temari came and helped Shikamaru. She performed an animal summoning and defeated Tayuya.

Will we see Temari and Shikamaru again in Naruto Shuuppide?

Yes. I think in the first to 6th episode we might see them.

Who loves shikamaru?

Temari loves him.