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What equipment did Juan Ponce De Leon use?

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The Spanish Juan Ponce de Leon used many Spanish items such as a conquistador helm, just a basic sword, and some food and supplies.

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What technology did Juan Ponce de Leon use?

most likely a ship and compass

What weapons did Juan Ponce De Leon use?

He used mostly guns and swords

What tools did Juan Ponce de Leon use?

He used boats and probably magnetic compasses and astrolabes.

What was the method of travel Juan Ponce De Leon use?

Ponce de Leon traveled from Spain to Florida by boat. He was trying to find the fountain of youth. He also discovered Florida that way.

How many ships did Ponce De Leon use on his first voyage?

How many ships did ponce de leon use on his voyage

What type of ship did Juan Ponce de Leon use?

no one but the state knows so don't be on this lame website go to a govermental site for it

What tools did ponce de leon use on his exploration?

he used loadstone for his compasses

What resources did ponce de leon use?

Ponce de Leon used ships, weapons, food and men from King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. He used Compasses and Astrolobes from other people

What kind of transportation did ponce de leon use?

he used his butt and his feet and a ship

What job did Ponce de Leon do before exploring?

he use to work for the royal court.

What did Juan ponce de leon discover in Florida?

actually he didn't find gold but he did find Florida wen he was a little kid he use to be smaller kid and as a adult he was a explorer and soldier thank for reading

Why did you decide to use Florida as the state name?

The explorer Ponce De Leon named it-Spanish for feast of flowers.

Did Juan ponce DE Leon use a map?

Maps in his time were very crude. They didn't show the proper placement of lands. They just didn't know how big North America was and it was one reason that they kept thinking there was a water route to Asia.

What did ponce de leon use to travel to find an island?

He sailed to Florida (named it) by ship. He didn't "find an island."

When was Juan Ponce de León governor?

IDK but u should probably look in a book and not use the internet for once:)

What voyages did juan ponce de leon make?

Ponce de Leon was a crew member under Christopher Colombus during his second voyage to the new world in 1493. This was the first time he ever landed on the island of Puerto Rico, the island that he would later become the governor of in 1509. Ponce de Leon would return to the island of Hispaniola in 1502 with Nicolás de Ovando. He was put in charge of taking down the rebellion of the Taínos tribe. Then in 1508 King Ferdinand commanded de Leon to conquer the remaining Taínos and exploit their resources and use them to mine gold. De Leon immediately left Hispaniola and explored the island of Puerto Rico and became governor. Then in 1512 Ponce de Leon was granted a charter to explore into present day Florida, in search for the island of Benimey. And to summarize the voyage. He comes up on Florida which is most defiantly not an island and comes back multiple times just to find that its a bunch of swampy marsh land.

What was Life Like ponce de leon?

don't use wiki answers it gives more than one answer! and anyone can answer it and make something up!

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