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a hair dryer

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Q: What equipment is used for setting hair?
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What is a good source for used equipment for salons, especially hair salons?

You can find great used equipment at

What is the correct use and maintenance of tools and equipment used for colouring and lightening hair?

Describe the correct use and maintenance of tools and equipment used for colour and lightening hair

Is sulphur is used in beauty parlor for hair setting?


Which chemical is used in beauty parlor for hair setting?


Can someone describe the aids and equipment that may be used for moving and positioning care setting?

can someone describe the aids and equipment that my be used for moving and poisitioning

What tecniques are created by the effects for a hair setting?

What effects are created by setting hair

Where can hair salon equipment be bought?

Hair salon equipment can be purchased at a variety of locations. Some places that sell equipment for hair salons include CCI Beauty, Minerva Beauty, and Salon Equipment Group.

What is the cold setting on the hair dryer for?

The cold setting on a hair dryer is for cooling and setting a curl. For example, if you use a round brush to curl your hair and then blast it with the hot setting on your blow dryer- before removing the brush, blast it with the cool setting. This will cool the curl and set it and the curl will last longer.

What is setting apparatus?

Putting up equipment ready for an experiment.

Can you get amami hair setting lotion?

no as they have discontinued it

Is there significant health issues in using cleaned but used beauty salon equipment?

If the Equipment has been cleaned, then there is no health risks at all. The Equipment is used on the hair not on your Skin or internaly so even Dirty Equipment would provide only a minimal Risk. There can be potential health issues with used beauty salon equipment. Each piece of equipment if properly checked, clean, and maintaned should not cause any health issues.

Definition of static equipment?

Equipment in a generic Industrial plant setting which remain static and do not rotate during the course of operation are known as static equipment's.

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