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What era do you live in today?

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We live in the Cenozoic era.

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In which era do we live today?


In which era do you live today?

Cenozoic Cenozoic

What era did the Hebrews live in?

We originated around 2000 BCE and we are still around today. The majority of us live in North America and Israel. Today we are called Jews.

What is current era today?

The current era today is Cenozoic

What are the two reptiles that existed during the Mesozoic Era and still live today?

Crocodiles and Snakes.

What geological era do we live in?

We live in the Cenozoic Era.

What era do you live in now?

We live in the cenozoic era. The Quarternary period. Also in the 5th era.

What geological era period and time are you in now?

ERA: Cenozoic Era(65 mya to today) PERIOD: Quaternary (1.8 mya to today) EPOCH: Holocene (11,000 years to today)

What era do you live in?

the modern era

What era did the peratherium live in?

The Cenozoic era.

What is era in computer?

We are currently in Fourth generation Era(1971 - Today)

What is the division of geologic time you live in today?

We live in the Cenozoic era. Currently, we are in the Holocene epoch of the Quaternary period. Humans evolved in the Pleistocene epoch which was also in the Quaternary period.

In which era period and epoch do we now live?

We live in the Cenozonic Era and the Holocene Epoch.

What era did Richard Wagner live in?

Romantic era.

During which era did dinosaurs live?

Mesozoic era :)

What era did dinosaurs live during?

The Mesozoic era

What era did Mary Shelley live in?

The victorian era

What era did francis drake live in?

The Elizabethan era

Are we in a progressive era today?

We are emerging into a progressive era with Obama's second term.

When did the relationship era begin?

The relationship era began in the 1990s and continues today

When was The Era Concert Live created?

The Era Concert Live was created on 2011-01-25.

What is the era you live in?

We live in the Quaternary period.

What happened during the Cenozoic era?

The Cenozoic era is known as the Age of Mammals because mammals became the dominant lifeform. This era is the one we live in today. Many things occurred during the era, including the formation of the Himalayas and the Pleistocene Ice Age that followed the overall cooling trend on the planet.

What era did Cleopatra live in?

Cleopatra lived in the Hellenistic era., or the Ptolemaic era in Egypt.

Did Charles Dickens live during the Victorian Era?

He didn't just live during the Victoria Era roughly 1837 to 1901), he helped embody the age by representing the way of life led by so many of the disenfranchised. He achieved the equivalent popularity that a rock star has today.

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