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Groups Targeted by the Nazis
  • Jewish
  • Rromani and Sinti ('gyspy' is a racial slur)
  • Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Protestants
  • Polish
  • Trade unionists
  • Catholics
  • common criminals
  • Blacks
  • South and East Asians
  • Incurables, the handicapped and mentally ill
  • Anyone who wasn't straight.
  • Transexuals
  • Political opponents, such as Socialists and liberals; people who helped targeted groups.
  • Soviet prisoners of war


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Q: What ethnicities and minority groups were targeted in the Holocaust?
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What ethnicities and minority groups were not targeted in the Holocaust?

It's simpler to ask which groups were targeted. See the related question.

What two other groups were targeted during the holocaust?

Many minority groups were targeted. People like homosexuals, gypsies, and etc. were targeted.

Which groups were targeted for persecution in the holocaust?

Jews (and Gypsies)

Were pigs killed in the holocaust?

They were not one of the main groups targeted.

What are some things about the holocaust?

The Holocaust occurred at the time of World War 2. Though Holocaust mainly targeted Jews, other groups were targeted as well. Millions of Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

Were Jehovahs witnesses in the Holocaust?

Yes they were. Jehovah's Witnesses were one of the groups targeted in the Holocaust by Hitler.

What did Hitler do to Jews and other groups that he targeted during the holocaust?

He totured them

Other than Jews who were targeted during the Holocaust?

There were many other groups of people targeted during the holocaust that did not include Jews, these groups were: Gypsies, Slavs, Homosexuals, Mentally handicapped, and Africans.and the jamies and areeeebs and the Stevens

Why were certain groups targeted by Hitler in the Holocaust?

there was a reason why each group was targeted, but generally speaking because he did not want them in his society.

What other races died during the Holocaust?

The only races targeted for complete destruction were the Jews and the 'gypsies'. Many other groups were also targeted, but either were not ethnic groups (races) or were not targeted for completed destruction.

Why were the jews gypies jehovas witnesses incureables homosexuals political dissidents soviet prisoners of war and communist liberals targeted during the holocaust?

Quite simply; they were not targeted in the Holocaust. These groups were targets of the Nazis and suffered great oppression. But the groups which were targeted in the Holocaust suffered much harsher conditions and oppression than most of those groups mentioned. Of the groups mentioned: Jehovah's witnesses, 'incureables', homosexuals, political dissidents, communists and liberals [communist liberal is an oxymoron] had most of those imprisoned survive and were given many times the amount of food that was given to those targeted in the Holocaust. Also they were all released from the concentration camps if they renounced their beliefs, where as those who were targeted in the Holocaust were there because of who they were, not what they did or what they believed in.

What were the four main groups targeted during the Holocaust?

# Jews # Gypsies # Communists and socialists # Dissidents

Who were the targeted groups during the holocaust?

The Jews and Hebrews by the raciness of the nautses and Hitler in world war2.

Who was targeted for extermination in the holocaust?

Originally only Jews were targeted for extermination, they would be joined by gypsies.The disabled were also targeted for extermination, but this was before the Holocaust and was the inspiriation for many of the extermination camps of the Holocaust.Other groups who were persecuted by the Nazis like Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, tarde unionists, clergy and many more, were not targeted for extermination, but were held in concentration camps.

What three groups were targeted by the Nazis during the holocaust?

More than 3 but 3 are Communists, Jews and Slavs

Which groups were not targeted in the holocaust?

any one part of the master race (christian, blue eyes, blond, NORDIC)

What ethnic groups died during the Holocaust?

People from all ethnic groups died during the holocaust, but the only ethnic groups that were specifically targeted by the Nazis for extermination were the Jews and the Roma, or Gypsies. The Jewish people were the primary victims of the Nazi camps.

How many people died in the Holocaust that are Nazis?

None or practically none. Are you confusing the Holocaust (genocide of the Jews and other minority groups) with World War 2?

What were the Jews killed with at Holocaust?

Holocaust was not a place. The holocaust was a word used for an event that happened during world war 2. A word used to encompass all of the war crimes committed against the various minority groups targeted by the Nazi regime. As for the methods of killing, if it can be imagined by man, it was used to cause death and suffering. Shooting, burning, suffocating and atrocities too horrendous to think about.

Who are Holocaust prisoners?

During the Holocaust, the Nazis targeted seven major groups: Jews, Romas (gypsies), homosexuals, Slavs, mentally and physically handicapped, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Soviet Prisoners of war.

Which other groups were killed in the holocaust?

none, the gypsies suffered thier own genocide. Many other sections of society suffered under the Nazis, but not other groups were targeted for murdering.

What tragic events happened during the holocaust?

specific social groups were targeted and ruthlessly killed jews, gypsies, slavs, homosexuals, the disabled, and others

What is the holocaust in World War 2 describe the holocaust?

It was an organized mass extermination of groups of people considered "undesirable" by Nazi Germany. Groups targeted included Jews, Catholics, gypsies, homosexuals, artists, academics, and anyone else the Nazis felt like eliminating.

Why did the Nazis persecute minority groups?

Minority groups that were considered criminal, anti-social or otherwise undesirable were persecuted. Minority groups which did not conflict with the Nazi's vision were not.

How many gay people died in the Holocaust?

11,000,000 people died in the holocaust of them 6,000,000 were people of Jewish decent. The other 5,000,000 were comprised of gypsies, gay men, Jehovah's witnesses and other minority groups. It is difficult to tell exact numbers for gay men, since most were sent to concentration and death camps based upon suspicions, but the third most targeted group of the holocaust were gay people, behind Jewish People, and Gypsies.