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Q: What eukaryotic unicellular organism with no cell wall would be classified as?
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Would you call Codium a unicellular or a multicellular organism?

Codium is a type of seaweed that is considered a unicellular organism. This is because even though they divide nuclei to grow larger, they do not separate into smaller cells by building cell walls.

A single-celled eukaryotic organism that is neither a consumer nor a decomposer would most likely be classified in?


How can a unicellular cell be known as eukaryotic Under what circumstances Eukaryotes are multi cellular organisms so what makes certain unicellular organisms eukaryotic?

The cellularization theory states that a unicellular organism would have developed from membrane boundaries/partitions around each nuclei from a single celled organism with multiple nuclei. Protists like ciliates and slime molds have multiple nuclei supporting this theory.

Which kingdom would eukaryotic organism that have a cell wall and help recycle nutrients through the ecosystem by breaking down dead organic material be classified?

A fungi is an eukaryotic organism that has a cell wall and breaks down dead organic material.

If a unicellular organism has a cell has a cell wall ribosomes and circular DNA is it eukaryotic or prokargotic?

With JUST a cell wall and ribosomes it would be considered prokaryotic. However, you would need to ensure that there was no nucleus or other membrane bound organelles (such as mitochondria, cholorpolasts, endoplasmic reticulum, vesicles, ect) to be sure.

What is an unicellular object?

You mean unicellular organism. Opposite of unicellular would be multicellular which we humans are.i.e we are made up of many/multi cells whereas an unicellular organism is made up of only one cell

Which kingdom is made up entirely of organisms that lack a cell wall?

* Kingdom Animalia, Phylum prokaryotae. i disagree, its kingdon prokaryote

Is an organism made os many cells a unicellular organism?

No. An organism made of many cells would be a multicellular organism.

Can you Explain a unicellular organism?

A unicellular cell is a cell with only 1 unit (cell). An example of this would be an amobea

What would be the outcome of a unicellular organism that cannot maintain homeostasis?

It will die.

What is the difference between a unicellular and a multicellular organisn?

A multicellular organism is made up of two or more cells (animals, plants, etc.)A unicellular organism is only made of one cell.

Why would scientists be excited about discovering single-celled organisms?

Scientists would be excited as it would be the first time they had seen a unicellular organism. Secondly, there is no division of labour in unicellular organism. A single cell has to obtain and secrete food. All such features are not present in multicellular organism.