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Plain water evaporate faster.

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Water evaporates faster than salt water and sugar water.

Tap water evaporates faster than salt water. As salt water evaporates the concentration of salt increases and decreases the amount of water molecules that can present themselves to the surface, this decreases the probabilities of water molecules escaping into the air.

no salt water evaporates the same as salt water

I'm pretty sure its plain water cuz plain water evaporates the fastest so I'm pretty sure its gonna melt the fastest.

plain water, but the salt water will freeze colder

Salt and sugar do not evaporate, but the water that they are dissolved in does.

At the same temperature fresh water evaporates faster.

Salt water will freeze faster because salt soaks in heat, making the water colder faster

same, but salt water leaves the salt behind

Salt water due to colligative properties

The addition of a non-volatile solute such as salt lowers the vapour pressure above a liquid, making it evaporate slower.

Yes, pure water is evaporated faster.

Fresh water cause salt slows down the evaporation.

Tap water evaporates faster because slat water has salt in it and is a hard substance to break down.

no. water without salt evaporates faster because the salt hold down air pressure which takes time to evaporate faster. But it is also due to the tempter of a boiling point of the water. but water without salt has less air pressure because there is no salt no put more air pressure to it. so water without salt evaporates faster than water with salt. By: Vivian_123456

Two graduated beakers. Water and salt. Put a known amount of plain water in one and the same amount of salt water in the second beaker. Then observe which one evaporates faster.

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