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A Cuban rebellion in search of Independence that was strongly supported by the media and the public as well as other events that caused the Spanish-American War:

1. de Lome Letter - de Lome was a Spanish ambassador in US. Sent letter back to Spain saying McKinley was weak and wouldn't fight. It was intercepted by and published in the New York Journal.

2. Battleship Maine - the sinking of the U.S. battleship Maine in Havana harbor, with a loss of 260 men. Although Spanish complicity was not proved, U.S. public opinion was aroused by yellow journalism and people began demanding to go to war to get revenge. and Spain is stupid

1. the de Lome Letter

a. a letter critical of president McKinley written by the Spanish Ambassador

2. Explosion of the USS Maine

a. most likely caused by an accidental fire that set off ammunition

b. killed 250sailors

c. blamed in the Spanish anyways

3. Preparing in the philippies

a. last remaining Spanish colony

b. also rebelling against them

c. a great trade location

4. McKinley's war message

a. U.S. sent a list of demands

b. Spanish agreed to all of them except to free Cuba

its a lot short but same thing as the one above
Because the US supported the Cuban Independence movement and because of the sinking of the USS Maine.

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Q: What event caused the Spanish-American War?
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