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It started with the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii

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What event caused great britan to enter the war?

Who assassinated the above leader in world war 1

Which major event caused the US to enter World War 2?

Japanese attack on Pearl harbor, Hawaii

What event caused the us the enter in world war 2?

The Japanese bombing attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

What ship was torpedoed that caused the US to enter World War I?

The sinking of the Lusitania by a German submarine was the event that pulled the US into World War I.

What event caused the US to enter World War 2?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor immediately garnered the negatory attentions of the US.

What event caused Great Britain to enter war?

what war?World War 1NovaNet: Germany invaded Belguim in order to march into Framce.

Which viral disease caused more deaths during World War 1 than combat?

Influenza was the viral disease that caused more deaths during WWI than combat.

Which event influenced the US decision to enter World War 1?

The specific event which influenced the decision of the US to enter WW I was the sinking of the Lusitania.

What war was Pearl Harbor in?

The attack by the Japanese on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii was the event that caused the United States to enter World War II.

What caused the US to become involved in World War 2?

The event that triggered the US to enter WWII was the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaiiearly in the morning of 7dec1941.

What event caused the the US to enter World War 2?

The suprise Japanese bombing of US Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on Sunday 07 Dec 1941

What event caused World War I to start?

The event that started World War 1 was the assasination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria.

What event made Britain enter world war 1?

An ally country was attacked and this made Britain enter the war.

What event nearly caused world war 3?

The Cuban Missile Crisis .

What caused the US to enter the First World War?

the sinking of the ship lusitania:)

Was the bombing of Pearl Harbor the event to provoke the US to enter World War I?

No, World War 1 ended in 1918 and the attack on Pearl Harbor was on December 7, 1941. Pearl Harbor was the event that provoked the US to enter World War 2, not 1.

What was the great catylist that compelled America to enter the world war two.?

the catylist that caused America to enter world war two was the bombing of pearl harbour.

What viral disease caused more deaths during World War 1 than combat?

Influenza (or the flu) was the disease that killed more men during the war then combat did.

What specific event caused world war 2 to be declared?

specifically, the invasion of Poland

What main event caused world war 1?

It was the assasination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand

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