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What event caused the south to leave the union?


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It was Abraham Lincoln's election as President that was the last straw for the South and led to secession. Lincoln was elected on March 4, 1861.


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Abraham Lincoln the south seceded from the union because he was elected president.

The South wanted to leave the union because of slavery.

No, the south did not really leave the union after the war. the south needed the support and assistance of the union so they could not have left.

The North caused the war by not allowing the South to live according to their own traditions (slavery). The North caused the war by not allowing the South to leave the union, and start their own country. The SOUTH caused the war by firing the FIRST SHOT!

Lincoln wanted to get rid of slavery and the south didn't agree, so they left and refused to return to the Union. Thats what started the Civil War.

The south wasn't allowed to leave.

they wanted to leave the union because couldn't nullify the Tariff of 1816.

Which event caused the Southern States to secede from the Union

The event that caused the southern states to start seceding from the Union in 1860 was the abolishment of slavery. This led to the Civil War. Eventually, slavery was abolished.

Abraham Lincoln the south seceded from the union because he was elected president.

The event was Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina getting fired upon by the Union troops.

I belive South Carolina (South Carolina)

The election of Abraham Lincoln as President

The south left the Union because they believed that their way of life was better than the North. They wanted to be a independent nation.

The election of Lincoln as President.

The disagreement about whether or not it was ok to keep slaves is the reason the South seceded formally from the Union of States. The Civil War began because the South wanted to keep their slaves, but the North was trying to do away with the practice.

they threatened to leave the Union and secede from it

on the day they left. which was a while away :D

The south wanted to leave the Union because they wanted to become an independent nation. They believed that if they had an independent nation, they would be able to keep their traditions and ways of life, including the institution of slavery.

Slavery was the straw that broke the camel's back. It 'pushed the envelope' of the already heated issue of State's Rights- The South held State's Rights (such as choosing whether or not to allow slavery) above national unity, so they succeeded from the union.

what caused a conflict between the north and south Mostly slavery, but the seccesion of the south cause Abraham Lincoln great pain; he wanted to preserve the Union

South Carolina seceded on December 20th 1860.

The secession of South Carolina from the Union

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