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Germany attempting to from a military alliance with Mexico

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What event helped provoke the United States to enter world war 1?

Atrocities were committed against American ships by both the British and Germans, but the final push that convinced the United States to join the Allied forces was the sinking of the Lusitania by a German submarine.

How have historical events affected the cultures of United States and Canada?

how have historical events affected the culture of the united states

The introduction of vaccines to the United States helped by?

The introduction of vaccines to the United States helped by reducing the incidences of deaths by many diseases.

What events happened on July 11nth?

on July 11 events that happened were united states take possesion of Detroit from great Britain united states marine corps is re established American civil war Babe Ruth makes his debut in major legue baseball Franklin D Roosevelt announces that he will run for a 4th term as president of the united states and many more events hope this helped a little :)

What events and figures helped shaped the development of Islam in the US?

the united states prison system. about 70% of Americans who converted to Islam did so in prison.

What are the different ways the marshall Plan benifited the United States?

the marshall plan helped the postwar economy grow in the united states,and helped the united states build a strong political support in western Europe

How has Obama helped people?

yes obama has helped people in the united states of america

How did the victory at Gettysburg help the United States?

The victory helped the united states by inspiring many that were unconfident and weak in Faith.

Major events in the United States between 1607-1877?

what are major events from 1607-1877

What important events happened in 1845?

the united states entered the war

In what ways did foreign events affect the financial downturn?

Foreign events affected the financial downturn of the United States in several ways. The foreign events affected the United States and world economies is through war and the trade embargo with foreign nations.

What presidents helped bring about the United States governments peacetime and apologies?

The presidents that helped bring about the United States government peacetime and apologies are George Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Gerald Ford

What countries helped south Korea in Korean war?

The United States, the Commonwealth States and Turkey.

Who helped build the Panama Canal?

I belive that the united states of America(U.S.A.) helped with the panama canal

What three events led to US entry into the war?

what three events led to united states entry into the war

Why was the us interested in events in puerto rico?

The United States was interested in the events in Puerto Rico is strategically important.

What countries has Barack Obama helped?

The United States and a few others.

What significant events happened in 1808?

Importation of slaves into the United States was banned.

Why is it such an import event in us history?

what were the important events in the united states flag

What events are in July?

In the United States, Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th.

What happened in 1809?

There is an article in Wikipedia listing the events of 1809. A link to the article is below. There are also links to articles on the events of 1809 in the United States and the United Kingdom.

What are some historical events in Korea?

The Korean Civil War is a major event where North Korea and South Korea battled. In the end North Korea won. The United States helped South Korea while China helped North Korea

How did the war of 1812 change the United States -Apex?

It helped shape a growing U.S national identity.

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